I can not believe I have only posted 9 outfit of the days on my blog! 
I find it difficult as i don't actually have a spot in my flat where i am able to set up my camera to take pics and i don't have willing friends/ boyfriend to take pics for me very often, which i also find it incredibly awkward when I'm getting my photo taken so i don't tend to ask. However me and my friend Anna who i have mentioned before also has a blog and she needed some shots of her self so i took the opportunity to ask if she would take one of me in the lovely sunny (crowded) park at our uni campus. So here it is :). Im hoping i have more chances to take some fashion shots as I LOVE seeing what other bloggers fashion is like so id like to share mine too :).
(i feel i look rather short and stumpy .. I'm not I'm 5'6)

Top // Topshop 
Jeans // Topshop Joni jeans
Shoes // Next 
Sunglasses // Stella McCartney 


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