February favourites

This month i have being loving a few little things so i shall share them with you all :).

Fruit tea
Yes i am getting old before my time! I LOVE a good cup of tea and since i have been trying to be 'more healthy' i have been trying to cut out sugar from my tea! which is really hard so i have switched to fruit tea instead so i can still have the yummy sweet taste but with less calories ! I have gone a bit over board and bought a few different flavours but agh well variety is the spice of life and what not ! Pomegranate and raspberry is my current fave ;)
Topshop Cut out heal boots
I have wanted some of the cut out heal boot style shoes for quiet a while! When i first saw the Jeffrey campbell coltrains i was in Loveee however once there was a lot of high street copies floating about i was a bit put off so i just waited until i saw something similar what i liked and these babies came along! I saw them when i was having a last min outfit shop for a saturday girls night out! i thought they would be higher priced but at £38 i didn't actually thing that was too bad so i pick them up ! And I have worn them loads already :) they are really comfy and look great with quiet a few outfits :).
You can buy them Here.. :)

Yankee Candles
I wrote a post back in the summer time where i bought myself two tumbler glass style yankee candles and recently they only just burned for their last day! so they lasted quiet some time. so i felt it was time to have a trip to the Yankee candle store in the Salford queys outlet mall. I let my boyfriend help me choose and we picked these ones :) They smell so so good and I'm happy to try some new scents out !

New Look
As i store i don't often go in to new look however i had a quick look on their website the other day and I saw quiet a few things i liked so i made a bit of a wish list which you can see here :)
I love how affordable it is to get the on trend look :) i will certainly make sure i look in their more often now.

So there we are a few bits that i have been loving in february in a true champagne and lemonade style it is half way through the next month sorry ;)! 
What are you loving ! 
lots of Love ox.

* all images sourced from pinterest.

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  1. I have recently started loving fruit tea too, how strange! I picked up a couple of good flavours from Morrisons own range so you should check them out! And totally agree about New Look they are really upping their game lately! x



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