Fashion & Beauty | Haul #4

Once again I have been spending ! 
As I said in my last post I had my mum auntie and cousin come to see me in manchester so we did a spot of shopping. Here is everything I picked up .. I wanted to more clothes to be honest but I was slightly unsuccessful on that part ...

Ted Baker ipad mini case - £35
Iv actually taken this back due to it being very scratched .. i thought it obviously scratches easily so i probably need something a bit more hard wearing.

Primark socks £1.50 each

Primark Small Yellow Bag £8.00
Wow look at the colour solo pretty for the summer :)

Primark Yellow flower sandals £8
Too match the bag ;)

Primark White Sandals £4

Primark Pjs £10 for the set 

Primark Dungaree dress £5 in the Sale

H&M Pima Cotton white vest top £5.99
This is so soft!

Primark Navy bag £13
(copy of the Zara city bag) 

So yes thats everything i picked up, If you would like a review of any of the beauty items or an OOTD for any of my clothes please let me know :)

Hope everyone is well .. leave me some lovely comments and please follow :) !


  1. The dungaree dress is adorable! :) And the socks. x

  2. That Zara City Bag dupe is beautiful!!!
    Also Hello Flawless powder is amazing!!! If you team it with the foundation it looks amazing!!


  3. Thanks Lucy I'm thinking pairing them together will look cuteee ;)

    Thanks Stevie ! I already have the foundation but i haven't worn them together yet :D eee exciting lol.

    Alex ox.

  4. The oasis shorts are gorgeous!

    Check out my beauty giveaway..


  5. I've nominated you for the Liebster award!

  6. So many gorgeous items, I especially love the Oasis shorts! They look perfect for summer! And the H&M white skirt looks like it'd go so well with anything pastel! So pretty. x

    Kathryn | effievanity


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