Bloggers Meet up | Revolution, Manchester

On Sunday 23rd March I decided to be really brave and head across to Revolution on Deans gate locks to my very first blogger meet up !
I was hoping I could drag Anna along but she was busy so I had to suck it up and go on my own ! I did actually know that Emily was going so I thought at least I know one person :). I walked in on my own and everyone was sat in little clusters, The hosts Danielle  and Anastasia greeted me and gave me a little goodie bag and told me to eat alll the cake pops (what where Dee-lish) and to grab a drink from the bar. I wasn't really sure what to do with myself at that point because I didn't really want to just go up to some one and start chatting as I was feeling a little bit anxious but luckily I was soon followed by Emily and her friends and another lovely girl Tara who didn't really know any one either :). I started chatting to her and we grabbed a drink and chatted about what we blog about etc. We then moved over to chat with Emily who was with Izzy, Rosin and Olivia who where all so lovely :). We all had a bit of chat and then Danielle and Anastasia explained a few of the products that was in our goodie bags and then did a raffle. I only bought one ticket as I didn't have enough change so unfortunately I didn't win a prize! However the prizes what where up for grabs where fab!! The other girls said they was going to get some dinner and kindly invited me along so we choose to go to Wagamamas in spinning fields. It was so yummy we sat in there for the rest of the afternoon and chatted and had a really good laugh. Im so glad i met them and hopefully we will meet up again :). 

Over all I had such a great day meeting new people !
The only think I would say is I think it would have been better if more people 'mingled' as most just stayed in their own little groups so if I was completely on my own I think i would have felt really awkward. 
Thank you for the invite girls. Hopefully there will be more to come. 

Here is all the links of everyone I met, so make sure you check them out. - Anastasia 

On to the goodie bag, Have a look what lovely goodies I was given :

Really cute touch putting our names on our bags and a little note too !

A Cloth to use for exfoliation. Looking forward to trying this.

Miracle Tree tea ! Very excited to try some of these.

The first so many people received this to take in to the Lush store to receive a free sample and consultation. 

Skinetica cleansing solution.
 Will have to review this after i have used it a few times.

DSM carrot creme full size and two samples 

Do you want to see any specific reviews?
Have you tried any of these products?


  1. You're so brave going to meet ups on your own, I was invited to a meet up a few weeks back in Manchester but I'm too young and too scared to go on my own :(
    Sounds like you had a lovely time though! xx

  2. I wish I'd have known about this!! I'd be so up for these!!


  3. I received Skinetica at another blogging event too, I've used up my 80ml sample but haven't noticed anything drastic to my blemish-prone skin, unlike other reviewers and feedback they've written on their website.. would love to hear your views though! x

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  4. Aw yeah it was a really good day wasn't it! It seems like ages ago now :O
    It was great meeting you and we did have a good laugh! :) Hopefully we'll all meet up again :D xx

  5. You are brave for going alone! glad you had a good time :) x


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