New years 'Resolutions' 2014!

This post is a bit late however i have been sticking to it already ;). Obviously some will come over time but I'm hoping by this time next year i will feel like i have completed enough of these to be happy with my little self :). I know some are a bit stereotypical too but i am determined this year !!
I have written 10 realistic (in my eyes) resolutions ! So have a nosey ..

1. JOIN The GYM !!
I really need to get myself fit and healthy this year. I have noticed how i don't feel comfortable when i go out any more i don't feel right within myself so by changing my lifestyle to a healthy one then I'm sure it will make me feel better :)

2. Go to a blog meet up
I am planning on going to the #LeedsMayMeet organised by the lovely hayley from but thats quiet a while away yet so maybe one will come up before then! if you know of any let me know ;)!

3. Do something with my summer :D
I would love to go to thailand however it may not be financially viable so by saying do something i am not limiting myself.

4. Pamper my self more often.
Possibly get a facial / hair done / eye brows or nails etc.

5. Visit some of my friends who live in other cities.
Leeds, sheffield, London & newcastle ! I want to travel please :D

6. Read more books. 
I used to read loads when i lived in London as it was easy when i was on the tube for 45mins each day but now i don't feel i have time so I'm aiming for 5 this year. Thats not too hard i feel :)

7. Learn how to use my new camera. 
Darren bought me a lovely camera that has built in wifi and loads of fun gadgets but i need to learn how to actually do it. 

8. Have a healthy lifestyle without it being a 'chore'. 
Drink fruit tea, eat healthily- more fruit as snacks instead of chocolate! 

9. Keep all my uni notes neat, tidy and organised. help myself when doing assignments. 

10. Build my makeup collection by buying 1 high end item a month. 
Obviously I'm allowing myself to buy more if i can afford but at least one would be good ! Even if its just a lipstick. 

So since starting this currently:

  • I have started the gym and been twice. 
  • started my healthy lifestyle (slightly obsessed with fruit tea already) 
  • Got my savings together to start planning my summer.
  • Planned a trip to Leeds ! 
  • Organised separate note books for all my uni lectures and assignments. 
  • Bought two high end makeup items !! 

Have you done a post like this too ?? 

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