Christmas Sales 2013 Haul !

Heyy everyone! I've been seeing quiet a few christmas sales shopping posts! Some of you have found some AMAZING bargains ! I'm slightly jealous. Heres the few things iv managed to pick up. Im not in a great state at the moment (due to a minor car accident- nothing serious) so i haven't really been out and about so not managed to have a proper look really but never mind, id rather be back to a fit and healthy than make myself worse by trailing round shops! 

I bought this dress with New years eve in mind! not 100% if i love it or not. its not really the style i usually go for but i wanted to try something a bit different. Lipsy isn't a store i usually go in to but its part of Next so i found it there :). Pretty decent price if you ask me. 
(I didn't wear it for NYE :|.)

My mum picked this up for me ! super comfy cardigan, its a nice navy colour I'm not too sure i have a lot that will match this but its always handy to throw on instead of a jacket.

Again i would never pick up some thing like this but i just thought i would try introduce something a little bit different in to my wardrobe. They have black sparkle style studs at the back. I think they are quiet smart and could be worn for potential interviews. 

I bought this in two sizes to big ! not really sure why i just picked it up and thought it was nice for an every day dress to just throw on with a pair of leggings ! it fits quiet nice i like that its not clingy which i think it would be in the right size. 

I loveee to cook and think I'm a bit of a kitchen whiz ( I'm not at all but i can dream) I thought these would be such a cute present when i saw them in boots before christmas, i unfortunately did nt receive them so had to go pick them up myself ! Luckily i did get a voucher to use :D Im very excited to start using these ! (i think I'm turning in to my mum)

I found these in sainsburrys whilst me and my mum quickly popped to grab some bread. I thought they would be good to use for uni and I'm using one for blogging ! 

Paperchase is one of my favourite shops and i tend to always have a little look in when they have a sale.  I found loads of things i wanted but i don't reaaaally need them so I settled on these three ! I got this week planner to use when I'm doing uni work and things so I can make clear plans to organise (which makes me very happy) I got the small note book to make in to a photo album, maybe to give as a gift maybe to just keep for my self, who knows :). Lastly i got the Travel note book that I am going to use when i start my spanish class at uni in january ! 

Since I started this post i have bought a few more bits and bobs .. oops? 
I bought a Philosophy gift set for myself from boots what was i think £5 and then a lovely peppermint soap in sainsburrys to match! which was i think £2.50? in a really cute tin! .. I may review all these products once i have used them ? 
I bought new underwear from La senza & Ann Summers, They both have amazing sales with great discounts on all items ! i think i picked up 6 pairs of pants and two bras and only spent about £35 ! you can spend that on one bra alone !! 
The HMV store in the trafford centre is closing down ( apparently relocating) so I bought 5 DVDS !! i hardly own any DVDs so i thought why not while they are cheap ! I got all 5 for about £13!
I think thats all ! wowww I'm a big spender ;) 

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and new year ! 
Im really enjoying all the posts recently of resolutions, 2013 favourites etc .. as always I'm behind on all this but they will be coming :D ! Leave me your links if you have done any of these type of posts! 


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