Beauty favourites 2013

 Here are my 13 favourites for 2013. I didn't mean for it be 13 its just what I picked out :). They where pretty easy to pick out. They are all products i have bought and tried for the first time in 2013. I hope to carry on  enjoying them throughout the next year too. 

This huge tub has lasted me about a year I think! I feel like I have been using forever but I'm near the end now ! I love this body butter it makes my skin so moisturised and soft. As you may no I'm a massive S&G fan so i will forever have the products in my favourites 

I have been using this for the past month or so and I Love it ! It actually smells divine and I'm really enjoying using it but I'm sadly also nearing the end of this one too.

I used to use this when i was younger and picked it up a few months a go in boots when i was looking for a new cheaper toner. I really enjoy using it as i feel really fresh and clean after i use it. I tend to use it after iv had a shower and my pores are open.

I bought this in spetember when i fancied using a new fragrance. I truly love the smell of this and i would defiantly say it is one of those long lasting perfumes which is always good :)My mum bought me Jimmy Choo flash for christmas so I'm excited to start using that now too.

This is my first ever Dior lipstick and I'm so so glad i bought it. Its a beautiful colour and looks so good on. I will forever be buying dior lipsticks from now on because they are amazing bright pigmented colours.

Every jumped on the baby lips hype! I have quiet a few of them now cause I like the way they instantly moisturise and I like to wear them under my lipstick so this one is good as it clear. I love them minty smell of this one too. and they are mega cheap so a good product to collect all colours ;).

This was defiantly my summer colour. I loved matching it up with other colours to have an accent nail or alternate ! It matches so well with every colour and makes me feel girly. and as all Barry M its so well priced !

I bought this randomly as I was in the train station waiting to go to Liverpool and i realised i hadn't painted my nails for the night out so i grabbed this one and it became one of my faves ! It really does dry in just 60 seconds so its great if you hate waiting for them to dry like me ;).

I don't actually know what i did without this product ! It makes my brows look amazing ! I had a Mac one prior to this and it lasted me about a month where as this has been amazing and iv had it about half a year now. 100% worth the money !

This is my everyday eye shadow its so easy to wear and easy to apply and an a great price too. I wouldn't say it lasted very long in terms of wear but if you used a primer underneath I'm sure it would. However i tend to wear it for work so i don't mind so much.

This was in my huge ELF haul and is defiantly my favourite product of the whole lot i bought. Its a gorgeous colour and very well pigmented for the price. I would recommend this to some one who wants to try out a blush but loves bronzer like meeee.

We all love Real techniques and we all know they are the must have brush of all so i don't need to rave about them do it ! These two are my favourites which i use daily. I'm looking forward to adding to my collection over the year.

I would never thing of a hair brush as a favourite but i really am glad i bought this. I was previously using a crappy cheap one which made my hair break so badly ! I now need to buy another one to put in my hand bag so i stop loosing this one! 

What are your 2013 favourites ? Have you done a similar post ? Comment below and let me know :)

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  1. Great picks, I love the Real Techniques brushes, and also tempted to try the Dior eyebrow pencil as well.

  2. I love the RT blusher brush. It's definitely one of my favourites.
    I totally agree with you on the Gelly Hi Shine polishes too, such a great formula!

    Love your blog!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. For some reason blogger doesn't let me 'reply' to comments :( butttt...
    Thank you for your comment Stephanie ! I did tweet you .. You should buy the Dior pencil it's so so good :
    Also thank you for your comment Jen !! It is isn't it !! I saw your comment in my emails last night and it inspired me to paint my nails lol :) xx


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