A little trip to Rotterdam

Hello everyone, 
A few weekends ago i visited rotterdam with my boyfriend ! He paid for us to go as part of my birthday present and we decided to wait until after christmas so we had something to look forward to! 
We went on the P&O ferry from Hull (where we are originally from) you board the ship tea time and then travel through the night and wake up early in the Netherlands ferry port. You then have a short coach trip to your chosen destination. We arrived in the city centre and felt like we where dropped off in the middle of no where ! We had never been before and hadn't a clue what direction to walk in ! We played it safe and went towards where there was the most buildings and ended up in the town centre. With us being there on a sunday it was a bit of a ghost town and nothing was open! So as the classy brits we are we waited for McDonalds to open (to cure the hangover).
We then decided to have a bit of walk to find a museum to have a look around. We came across a huge que outside of a building that looked museumyy so we got in the Que. hopefully for something good to be inside. Luckily it was, it was the traveling Di Vinci exhibition that explains his workings etc. It was really interesting to learn how much influence he had on things that where created! 

(Lovely face there !)

The afternoon we planned to go to the Euromast. It is the tallest building in rotterdam and you take an elevator to the top and can go outside at the top and see the views .. which are amazingggg ! (see photos below!!) there is also a restaurant which we had a 'typical rotterdam' lunch which con sited of a few different taster snacks! Some where disgusting inc. Raw meat !! :S very odd but other where nice like the cheese soufflé ! We enjoyed a cup of tea each up there while enjoying the view and took a slow walk back to the town centre and then to the coach back to the ferry. 

Only a short day trip but really enjoyable and fun to experience some history and culture of another city ! I would very much recommend the P&O ferry breaks as they are really good value for money :).

I hope everyone is well and I hope you like this more Life style kinda post.

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