Instagram Month January 2014.

 Me and the two midgets Amy and Jen on our girlie night out ! // Me and my best girl Bethan in London scoffing our humming birds cupcakes // Feul fat burner smoothie after the gym // My favourite new lunch time treat ku koos morocan fast food.
OOTD on the way to London // First time wearing my gorgeous glasses // My Amazing new bag // Cute Love heart candles that my mumma bought me !

Quiet a small Instagram month ! 
I think as I now have my camera I like to use that more so I'm not taking as many photos on my phone ! Fear not there will always still be time for Instagram pics ;) ! 
Not had a bad month all round to be fair ! I have had a trip to London, spoilt my self on some amazing new things, joined the gym and been successfully healthy eating and being very organised with my uni work ! Happy Days.

Hope everyone is well and has had a brilliant month ! Oh and Happy Chinese New Year ! I had a yummy Chinese tonight with my friend .. after the gym ;) cheeky but we deserved it !

Lots of Love ox.

Beauty haul #1 2014 ..

Hi everyone,
A couple of weeks a go now Boots reduced their sale stock down to a massive 70% off ! Wow amazing right!? I managed to pop in after work to pick up a few bits .. The shelfs looked a bit bare by 7pm that night but I still did manage to pick up some good bargains ! I did get a few other bits as well as this but they are gifts for up coming birthdays so i don't want to spoil any surprises incase any one has a sneaky peak ;).
Im pretty sure in the bigger boots stores they still have a bit of sale left !!

Beauticology; Your so sweet // Chocolate cupcake bath creme, Vanilla frosting body lotion and  spiced Gingerbread cupcake body wash // Price:was £12 now £3.60 

I picked up this cause I bought the minis of them in the first lot of sale and I just fancied the bigger version and for the price I just had too !! Im currently using the chocolate cupcake shower cream ! It smells so good. However is a bit sickly so I don't like to use it all the time :). 

Juicy Couture, Couture La La // Perfume and body wash gift set //  £34.50 now £17.25

I originally went to the sale just for this ! I was at work and a lady came in to the store and she was wearing and me and the other girl i was working with was like Ohh my god you smell amazing so she said she had picked it up in boots in the sale so when my shift i had finished that when i headed over ! I got one for Cat, the girl i was working with too :) i haven't used the shower gel yet, its a good travel size so i might save it. I LOVE the juicy Couture bottles and I think it looks great on my dressing table with my others .. It smells good too! 

Mark Hill Glam Blonde minis // Blonde bombshell: Shine enhance shampoo &highlight reflecting conditioner, Fabulous finish hairspray and Babe'a'licious anti-humidity shine spray // was £10 now £3

Well this was just a pure bargain ! I had to have it ! 4 minis for £3 ! so good :D. Im going to use these for the gym I think cause they are a good size and I prefer to use Blonde shampoos to keep my colour nice. 
Fun fact: I actually know Mark Hill, he was my Dads best friend in High School and his wife, one of my mums best friends at school too! ash how cute. They are still friends! they are such a lovely family! 

I hope you have enjoyed this mini sale haul! 
If you want me to do any specific reviews or posts let me know :) 

A little trip to Rotterdam

Hello everyone, 
A few weekends ago i visited rotterdam with my boyfriend ! He paid for us to go as part of my birthday present and we decided to wait until after christmas so we had something to look forward to! 
We went on the P&O ferry from Hull (where we are originally from) you board the ship tea time and then travel through the night and wake up early in the Netherlands ferry port. You then have a short coach trip to your chosen destination. We arrived in the city centre and felt like we where dropped off in the middle of no where ! We had never been before and hadn't a clue what direction to walk in ! We played it safe and went towards where there was the most buildings and ended up in the town centre. With us being there on a sunday it was a bit of a ghost town and nothing was open! So as the classy brits we are we waited for McDonalds to open (to cure the hangover).
We then decided to have a bit of walk to find a museum to have a look around. We came across a huge que outside of a building that looked museumyy so we got in the Que. hopefully for something good to be inside. Luckily it was, it was the traveling Di Vinci exhibition that explains his workings etc. It was really interesting to learn how much influence he had on things that where created! 

(Lovely face there !)

The afternoon we planned to go to the Euromast. It is the tallest building in rotterdam and you take an elevator to the top and can go outside at the top and see the views .. which are amazingggg ! (see photos below!!) there is also a restaurant which we had a 'typical rotterdam' lunch which con sited of a few different taster snacks! Some where disgusting inc. Raw meat !! :S very odd but other where nice like the cheese soufflé ! We enjoyed a cup of tea each up there while enjoying the view and took a slow walk back to the town centre and then to the coach back to the ferry. 

Only a short day trip but really enjoyable and fun to experience some history and culture of another city ! I would very much recommend the P&O ferry breaks as they are really good value for money :).

I hope everyone is well and I hope you like this more Life style kinda post.

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A bit of a splurge ..

I decided to have a bit of a splurge recently on two things that i have wanted for a longgg time and i now finally had the money to do so :).

I bought a iPad Mini.
Oh my goodness wow I Love it ! I now wonder how I lived with out it. It is so handy and convenient to use for blogging, uni work and general web searchings! I am also very glad I purchased the mini as apposed to the normal full sized iPad, just because i don't feel like I'm 'missing out' on the size or any thing plus it is very compact and easy enough to carry around in my bag. I enjoy using it at uni as i can pull up the lecture notes on it while in the lectures and it makes it a lot easier to view. As i have to wear glasses and I'm Dyslexic so it actually does help me !

I also bought a Vivienne Westwood bag.
If you know me then you will know i have been a Vivienne Westwood lover forever ! I don't remember a time when i didn't fantasise about owning EVERYTHING VW. I have been collecting pieces over the past few years but this is most defiantly my biggest purchase to date ! I had a few different styles in mind to choose from but i picked this one as i thought it was a good size for a night out or in a day time when you don't need to carry a lot around! I always wanted a black one even though i do love the new spring summer colours but i just felt it would be more practical, plus it matches my purse !

Im by no mean bragging about what i have ! But as any other normal girl i want to share my exciting purchases :D !
If any one else has an iPad and knows of some great apps that i can use please feel free to leave me a comment to help me out.

Do you like these type of posts ?
What would you like to see from me ?

Hope everyone is well :)

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Beauty favourites 2013

 Here are my 13 favourites for 2013. I didn't mean for it be 13 its just what I picked out :). They where pretty easy to pick out. They are all products i have bought and tried for the first time in 2013. I hope to carry on  enjoying them throughout the next year too. 

This huge tub has lasted me about a year I think! I feel like I have been using forever but I'm near the end now ! I love this body butter it makes my skin so moisturised and soft. As you may no I'm a massive S&G fan so i will forever have the products in my favourites 

I have been using this for the past month or so and I Love it ! It actually smells divine and I'm really enjoying using it but I'm sadly also nearing the end of this one too.

I used to use this when i was younger and picked it up a few months a go in boots when i was looking for a new cheaper toner. I really enjoy using it as i feel really fresh and clean after i use it. I tend to use it after iv had a shower and my pores are open.

I bought this in spetember when i fancied using a new fragrance. I truly love the smell of this and i would defiantly say it is one of those long lasting perfumes which is always good :)My mum bought me Jimmy Choo flash for christmas so I'm excited to start using that now too.

This is my first ever Dior lipstick and I'm so so glad i bought it. Its a beautiful colour and looks so good on. I will forever be buying dior lipsticks from now on because they are amazing bright pigmented colours.

Every jumped on the baby lips hype! I have quiet a few of them now cause I like the way they instantly moisturise and I like to wear them under my lipstick so this one is good as it clear. I love them minty smell of this one too. and they are mega cheap so a good product to collect all colours ;).

This was defiantly my summer colour. I loved matching it up with other colours to have an accent nail or alternate ! It matches so well with every colour and makes me feel girly. and as all Barry M its so well priced !

I bought this randomly as I was in the train station waiting to go to Liverpool and i realised i hadn't painted my nails for the night out so i grabbed this one and it became one of my faves ! It really does dry in just 60 seconds so its great if you hate waiting for them to dry like me ;).

I don't actually know what i did without this product ! It makes my brows look amazing ! I had a Mac one prior to this and it lasted me about a month where as this has been amazing and iv had it about half a year now. 100% worth the money !

This is my everyday eye shadow its so easy to wear and easy to apply and an a great price too. I wouldn't say it lasted very long in terms of wear but if you used a primer underneath I'm sure it would. However i tend to wear it for work so i don't mind so much.

This was in my huge ELF haul and is defiantly my favourite product of the whole lot i bought. Its a gorgeous colour and very well pigmented for the price. I would recommend this to some one who wants to try out a blush but loves bronzer like meeee.

We all love Real techniques and we all know they are the must have brush of all so i don't need to rave about them do it ! These two are my favourites which i use daily. I'm looking forward to adding to my collection over the year.

I would never thing of a hair brush as a favourite but i really am glad i bought this. I was previously using a crappy cheap one which made my hair break so badly ! I now need to buy another one to put in my hand bag so i stop loosing this one! 

What are your 2013 favourites ? Have you done a similar post ? Comment below and let me know :)

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Happy 2nd Blog Birthday !

Today my  blog is two years old ! Yayyy Happy bloggy Birthday.
Iv only really properly concentrated on it for the past year but i am still really proud to say I have been attempting to post for two years ! Thats crazy.
I remember being sat in my bed room in London trying to figure out what the hell i was actually doing and look at me now .. still don't have a clue but I'm working on it. Iv recently had a blog makeover and I'm trying my best to update more regular ! 

I just want to say thank you to any one who has taken the time to read my posts, comment and follow! Thank you for the support! i may not have a crazy amount of followers or get millions of views a day but I'm happy with my steady progress and wish to continue with what I'm currently doing :) 
I am hoping to blog more this year and plan posts so there isn't too much of a gap between posts but we shall see how i get on! 
Let me know of any posts you want to see from me, or give me tips and advice if your feeling nice ;)

I love chatting to fellow bloggers so please get in touch:
on Twitter @Lemonadelifeox  or follow me on Instagram // GFC // Google circles // Pinterest // Bloglovin  .. I always follow back ! & Be sure to chat or leave me a comment I'm friendly I promise. 

Thanks again. Lots of Love ox.

New years 'Resolutions' 2014!

This post is a bit late however i have been sticking to it already ;). Obviously some will come over time but I'm hoping by this time next year i will feel like i have completed enough of these to be happy with my little self :). I know some are a bit stereotypical too but i am determined this year !!
I have written 10 realistic (in my eyes) resolutions ! So have a nosey ..

1. JOIN The GYM !!
I really need to get myself fit and healthy this year. I have noticed how i don't feel comfortable when i go out any more i don't feel right within myself so by changing my lifestyle to a healthy one then I'm sure it will make me feel better :)

2. Go to a blog meet up
I am planning on going to the #LeedsMayMeet organised by the lovely hayley from but thats quiet a while away yet so maybe one will come up before then! if you know of any let me know ;)!

3. Do something with my summer :D
I would love to go to thailand however it may not be financially viable so by saying do something i am not limiting myself.

4. Pamper my self more often.
Possibly get a facial / hair done / eye brows or nails etc.

5. Visit some of my friends who live in other cities.
Leeds, sheffield, London & newcastle ! I want to travel please :D

6. Read more books. 
I used to read loads when i lived in London as it was easy when i was on the tube for 45mins each day but now i don't feel i have time so I'm aiming for 5 this year. Thats not too hard i feel :)

7. Learn how to use my new camera. 
Darren bought me a lovely camera that has built in wifi and loads of fun gadgets but i need to learn how to actually do it. 

8. Have a healthy lifestyle without it being a 'chore'. 
Drink fruit tea, eat healthily- more fruit as snacks instead of chocolate! 

9. Keep all my uni notes neat, tidy and organised. help myself when doing assignments. 

10. Build my makeup collection by buying 1 high end item a month. 
Obviously I'm allowing myself to buy more if i can afford but at least one would be good ! Even if its just a lipstick. 

So since starting this currently:

  • I have started the gym and been twice. 
  • started my healthy lifestyle (slightly obsessed with fruit tea already) 
  • Got my savings together to start planning my summer.
  • Planned a trip to Leeds ! 
  • Organised separate note books for all my uni lectures and assignments. 
  • Bought two high end makeup items !! 

Have you done a post like this too ?? 

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Instagram Year 2013 !!

January ! 
Nights out with my flatmates ! // First pair of Jeffrey Campbells ! // View from the cloud bar at the Hilton Manchester !

February ! 
Me and my mum getting ready to go out ! // Yo sushi ! // Me and Kelsey pulling lovely faces ! 

March !
End of the night drunken photos // Marc Jacobs coke bottles // Me and my mumma ! 

Celebratory student loan fish bowl ! // New tattoo Infinity symbol ! // 2nd Pair of Jefferey Campbells ! 

May ! 
Lucys birthday in Liverpool ! // Over the rainbow cocktails ! // Night out with the boyfriend ! 

June !
My little Nana ! // Hair done selfie ! // Me and my mumma at the Robbie Williams concert !

July ! 
Me and Darren in Blackpool ! // Ugly monkey monster that Darren won me :) ! // Me and Amy at her 21st ! 

August !
Super cosy Pjs ! // Me and my mumma at a wedding ! //Champagne to celebrate Darrens Birthday ! 

September !
Goodbye to working at Puma :( ! // Magaluff paint party selfie ! // Back to uni free pizza ! 

October ! 
Vouge fashion night out with Maddie ! // Halloween selfie ! // Night out drunk poses !

November ! 
Blogger mail ! // Favourite drink of the christmas period ! // Ice skating in spinning fields with the boyfriend !

December ! 

21st in Newyork, Birthday present ! // Christmas present 3rd pair of Jeffrey Campbells ! // Boyfriend dressed up as Santa ! 

I have had such a fun year ! I can not wait to see what 2014 holds. 
Hopefully bigger and better with lots more adventures planned, goals to achieve and points to be proven !

Im planning a New years resolutions/ goals for 2014 post so look out for that coming soon !! 

I wish everyone all the best for the New Year and I would also like to say Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, left me comments and followed my blog :).

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