Reviewing my Resolutions | 2014

I wrote a post this time last year with a few 'resolutions' for this year I have decided to go back to it and see if I achieved them all...

Join the gym
I have been a member of 3 gyms this year! I lost quiet a bit of weight in the summer and was quiet healthy. However it hasn’t gone as well towards the end of this year. Just due to moving and not having a permanent place to live but I’m hoping I will be back on track in January

Go to a blog meet up
Not only did I go to a meet up, I organised one!! Im am very proud of myself this year I have been to Manchester, Hull, Lincoln and Leeds meet ups! I hope this continues in to next year.  I have made some of my best friends this year through blogging its been amazing.

Do something with my summer
I don’t do things by halves! I went to work on a summer camp and became an abseil instructor. I also learnt how to teach other activities and gained a first aid qualification. I lived in a tent and made some great friends.

Pamper myself more
I would say I have done this through buying products to use at home such as facemasks and scrubs etc but I don’t really have the money to go to salons. Maybe next year?

Visit friends in other cities
Wahh this is something I still haven’t had chance to do. I popped to see my friends while I was in London but again money constraints !

Read more books
I have read a few good ones this year. I would always like to read more!

Learn how to use my new camera
Hmmm yea still clueless..

Have a healthy lifestyle
Again same as the whole gym thangggg it was there but it needs to come back :).

Keep all my uni notes tidy
This is something I have been really strict with they are all in separate note pads and I know exactly whats going on (kind of).

Build my makeup collection

 This has defiantly happened! My mum actually said to me I don’t know any one with as much make up as you. If she saw some of the collections I have seen on peoples blogs I think she would pass out.

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash | Sample Sunday

I received this product within my #HullBloggers goodie bag. I hadn’t tried it before so I was looking forward to trying it. It’s basically a dry shampoo. I use dry shampoo all the time, as you may know if you read my ‘empties’ posts its one of my most used products. I have yet to find one I prefer over the Batiste one.

Sadly this wasn’t as good as I had hoped. I saw on twitter that Sarah - loved hers so I was thinking oooh it must be rather good however it didn’t work for my hair. I think its because i'm blonde-ish with dark roots so it just made my hair look greasy.

Left photo -Paul Mitchell dry wash first application 
Right photo - Batiste Dry shampoo first application

I have given it to my mum to try as she has dark hair so maybe it will be better for her. Jaye - said she loves the Paul Mitchell products so I would like to try something again in the future.
This is why I love sample Sundays. They help me figure out what products I love before buying a full size.
Have you tried this product?

Facebook page | Social media

I recently created a Facebook page for my blog! I would love it if you could give it a ‘Like’ I will be posting my new posts on there and anything else bloggy! Let me know if you also have a page so I can like in return too :). 

Christmas | Tag

When do you start getting excited for Christmas?
I usually start getting excited after my birthday (8th December). Thats when I start properly thinking about it, however I start buying present as early as possible and put my decs up on the 1st.

Do you still have an Advent Calendar?
I usually do, although this year I don't :( Im gutted. But to be fair the first week of December I didn't have a house.

What are you're favourite Christmas Films?
I Love ELF and the Polar Express. I used to always watch 'All dogs go to heaven christmas' when I was younger.  

Do you have any funny Christmas Memories?
Not particularly. I once lost a tooth on Christmas day so everyone gave me money for it as we had all the family round and they where drunk saying the tooth fairy just paid them a visit. 
(Not funny i know)

Talk us through your typical Christmas Day?
I usually get woken up by my brother and we sit on the stairs to wait for my dad to check if he 'has been' bareing in mind I am 22 and my brother 16 we still HAVE to do this. We then open prezzies, have breakfast and chill for the morning. We then go to the pub for an hour and then return for Christmas dinner with all the family. We then open more presents from the rest of the family and just kind of eat drink and be merry :)

What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?
I don't really like Turkey but my mum usually cooks ham! roast potatoes and mash, carrots, red cabbage, parsnips, pigs in blankets, stuffing, gravy and lots of cranberry sauce ! (I think thats all?)

Do you have any Christmas Traditions?
Sitting on the stairs like I said before. 
Getting 'christmas pyjamas' on christmas eve. 

What are your favourite Christmas Songs?
The Pogues ft. Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of NewYork

What is the best Christmas Present you've ever received?
Im not sure. I have had some amazing presents over the years! My mum always likes us to have surprises we are not aloud to know what we are getting from santa so its nice that its all a big surprise on the day. 

A real or fake Christmas Tree?
A real one looks beautiful but for me its cheaper and easier to have a fake one. Plus its less mess and I don't want to kill a tree.

22nd Birthday gifts | Beauty

It has recently been my birthday; I’m a whole 22 years old now. I didn’t have any big plans for my birthday due to the blog meet being the day before and moving house. I went for breakfast with my parents in the morning packed up the rest of my belongings to take to my new home and drove back to Manchester. I then spent my afternoon unpacking and waiting for furniture to be delivered. On the evening my boyfriend kindly took me out to a lovely Italian restaurant for a bottle of wine and some delicious food. We then chilled on the sofa and went to bed, I lead such a crazy life!
My parents bought me a new LongChamp Le pilage large shopper bag in Navy. My boyfriend bought me an Olivia burton watch, it is rose gold with a navy leather strap.

I received lots of cards and a few gifts from friends and family including chocolates, jewellery, candles, money and gift cards. But I also received a few beauty bits, which I thought I would show on my blog (mainly because the other gifts have been tidied away)
I really didn’t expect my bloggy pals to be so generous in giving me amazing gifts.

Megan from – Ted baker prim and pampered set and Soap and glory sugar crush minis set. I haven’t used anything from the Ted Baker beauty range but I always think the packaging is super cute and it smells really good. This will come in handy over the festive period with me travelling around. I love everything from Soap & Glory so tahts allllways a winner for me.

Kate from – Frosted Cranberry Body shop set. The smell of this is sooo nice im really excited to use it. I have previously used the orange scrub which I loved so hopefully this shall be the same. It came in a stripy tin but that has been re-homed to keep ‘random tea bags’ in.

With the money I received I bought:

Lipstick – sweet & sour – The cosmetics company Chesire oaks - £11

Origins facial clear improvements mask mini - The cosmetics company Chesire oaks - £9

Fakebake Tan - £10 - The clothes show (Me and my mum went the weekend of my bday). I have used this once so far and I really liked it. I think it looked really natural :).


Old el Paso kits | Sample Sunday

Within our #HullBloggers goodie bags we where kindly given lots of amazing treats from Old EL Paso ! Me and Darren LOVE Mexican food and are always buying the kits to make tacos or Fajitas however we haven't tried the Quesadilla kit before so I was very excited to try it out (Hence why its one of my first posts). We also decided to have some wedges to go with so we tried the Mexican wedges seasoning too. 
Im sure everyone knows how these kits work, you just add the fresh ingredients so we had chicken, cheese, peppers and mushrooms. It was really  straight forward and easy to follow the instructions and I must say tasted amazing. We only managed two of the Quesadillas each along with the wedges but there plenty in the kit to make more!I would defiantly buy this kit again as we both really enjoyed it and its something a bit different. I think I would make this when we had friends over too as a little Mexican feast ! 
I have a few other bits including fajita seasoning and some salsa to try out what we where given too so I am already looking forward to trying that. 

Have you use these kits before ?
What do you think?

House of Fraser Bag | Review*

I was asked if I would like to feature a bag from House of Fraser on my blog and naturally I was over the moon. I LOVE bags I personally don't feel like I have enough in my collection. (I'm sure my boyfriend will think other wise). I didn't realise how many brands House of fraser actually stocked online. There is so much choice and I was a bit overwhelmed with what to actually choose. I ended up with a short list of 5 and asked them to pick which ever one for me :). Im quiet glad I did that cause it was such a good surprise when it turned up. 

This one is from Dorethy Perkins priced £25. It is a peachy pink colour with silver hard ware. It is a lot bigger than anticipated but I was very happy about about that as I am that person that take everything out with them 'just in case'. I feel like its a good size to use on a day out shopping, a night out dancing or even for throwing your uni books in to. I have used it quiet a lot already with all different outfits. I was a bit concerned as to if the colour would match but it actually works well with it being quiet neutral, it makes a change from my usual go to black bag. 

You can view my bag on the website here. at the moment it is discounted to only £15 such a bargain! It also comes in Navy if you prefer darker colours. Theres loads of different styles if this isn't your thing so make sure you check them out!

Thank you again House of Fraser for sending me this gorgeous bag!
I hope I have inspired some purchases. 

Home Details | Our New Home

As you may know I have finally moved in to my new home with my boyfriend. This has been such a long time coming and I'm so excited it has finally happened. We decided a while a go now that we would live together this year (My final year of uni) and I think it was April I started buying home bits !! I have had boxes piled up around my parents house I have lived with Darrens parents and caused havoc for everyone but we have finally done it. It hasn't been easy we where actually home less for just over a week! We have been stressed like you wouldn't believe but it has all been worth it as we now are in a perfect little apartment that is our first home together. We are in Bury which is within greater Manchester. I quiet like it here it has a little town with all the essentials (Topshop, RiverIsland etc) and we are very close to the motor way so it only takes us 1hour and 30 to drive back to our parents. I think we will be quite happy here and we defiantly are not moving any time soon !
Thank you everyone for the support when I have been stressing out and texting with my dramas (You know who you are). Please feel free to visit ;).

Obviously there a lack of posts at present due to waiting for the internet to be installed but please bare with me (currently stealing burger king wifi). 
Heres a few little house details, hoping to take better pics when we are all sorted. 

Bed Room 
Bedding and square cushions from Asda, long cushion from TKMaxx

My Bathroom
Bits from TKmaxx, Ikea and Asda

Kettle from Argos, Chopping board from Asda, tray from Wilko and Tea coffee sugar jars from

Living Room 
(Sorry its dark) 
Pillows from Ikea and Sofa from British red cross charity shop!

The front of our building :)

Goodie bag giveaway | #HullBloggers

We where so fortunate to receive so many amazing items to put in to our goodie bags for the meet. If you have seen a few of my previous posts you will know the list goes on and on! We had 22 bloggers attend but planned for around 25 so we had a few extra bits left over, between me Jenny and Jaye we split it all up evenly and decided to each do a little giveaway. Obviously not everything is ‘postable’. (Foodie bits) so we are not able to give EVERYTHING but this is a selection of a few things we received. There’s some fab discount codes, lovely samples and a few products to try out too. I have listed everything I am giving away (Although I know I will probably through some extra bits in too).  I hope you like this little giveaway. Good luck to all who enters :)

Monds – a sample box
Library of fragrance – 10% off voucher
Your Tea – Tiny tea samples (x5)
Skinetica – Anti blemish super toner
My treat card – membership card
The spotted zebra company – 20% off code
Bob greens – Website discount card
Lypsyl – The original lip balm
Tessies – piece of jewellery
E.L.F – 20% off code
Old El Paso – Fajitas seasoning and Mexican wedges seasoning
Soap from Jaye
Ohh Deer – sausage dog tape
Red Dahlia- 10% off code
American chip spice
Paul Mitchell – Dry wash
A Novel gift – 40% off code
Cocoa brown – Tough stuff exfoliator
Unique magazines – 10% off code
Nourish – Argan skin renew sample and golden glow toning body shimmer sample
Janiro – 20% off code
Andrew Barton – The ultimate blonde treatment mask – Taylors tea sample and voucher for a box to be sent.
Graze – Free box

A few notes:
This is a UK giveaway only.
None of these items have been paid for, they have been sent for review of the HullBloggers meet attendees.
The package will be sent 2nd class through the royal mail and I will not be liable once it has been posted.
I will contact the winner via email and twitter (So make sure you leave them) – if you do not respond within 5 days a new winner will be picked.