Countdown to christmas #6 +7 NewYork Wishlist

Today i am travelling to NEW YORK !!

Christmas shopping here I come.

I have been waiting for this trip for a whole year now! My parents decided for my 21st they would pay for me to go to NewYork with my mum and auntie. They also decided that they would surprise me with everything we will get up to once we are there !

Here is a few things I'm hoping I might pick up whilst in NewYork.

newyork wishlist

Ok so maybe gone a little bit crazy but heyyy why not ;). There is just a few ideas really ! God knows what i will be coming home with but i will be more than likely posting about it when I'm home :)

Not posting tomorrow as i am not here but there is plenty to come once I'm home !! 
19 days till Christmas!!

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