Countdown to christmas #17 What in New York - Beauty Haul

I bought so so much in New York i had to break it down in to sections, so today is beauty ! the first store i went in was sephora ! i was so so excited as i had never been to one before i and i had heard lots of beauty bloggers mention it so i was very excited to go there. I got extremely over whelmed by the amount of amazing products it had and went a bit over the top within the 15 minutes i had spent in there i spent around $80 Ooops.. other things i picked up over the other few days and are from other stores which i will explain along with the photos :) Hope you like this post ! 

All my bits and pieces I bought !

From Victoria secret I bought this cute phone case (I know its not beauty sorry) and some perfume !
Phone case $18

Midnight exotics Deep Berry $12 
This smells amazing, but doesn't last very long as its an Eau de toilette 

From Henry Bendal I bought the Ciaté mini polish christmas bauble .. I wanted it because it was cute !! (Justified)

This was $6

I obviously had to buy this little Macys makeup bag to keep in my hand bag! which i am already using ! 

This was $10.60 - i received i think a 25% discount on this :)

I was slightly disappointed with the drugstore shopping, there wasn't a lot different to here in the UK and it was simarly priced too so i just picked up a few things ..

Obvioulsy some new baby lips, we haven't got these designs in our stores so I choose two different ones.
Dr. Rescue - Coral crave $4.97
Baby lips - Strike a rose $4.97

I don't think i have heard of this brad before and i really liked both of these colours so i got those two.
Wet n wild - Wild shine nail colour $0.99
Wet n wild Lipstick $2.99

I have been wanting Benefit they're real for so so long so I bought one of those from Sephora on my last day with the money i had left i paid $25 for it which is about £15 so I saved £4.50 on that !
And booing is forever my life saver and I'm coming close to the end of my current one so i bought this in the airport for £15 so saved £2.50 .. not bad i guess ! 

Every thing else is from Sephora ! 
I picked up the Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel which i have been wanting for a while but some how every time i got to buy it it is out of stock ! I saw this by the till and just threw it amongst the heap of products i had already put in there ! 
I paid $14.50 which is about £9 and it retails for about £19 in the UK so very good saving there ! 

I had been looking at other peoples NY hauls before I travelled there and had noticed the daily makeup brush cleaner was a popular choice so i wanted one of those and i just picked up the makeup remover as i didn't have one ! 
Brush cleaner $7
Make up remover $7

I bought this as i am a bit of geek and i love Pantone so i thought this was quiet cool! 
I loved the packaging and i love this colour so i was happy to add it to my basket! 
 Sephora + Pantone universe nail polish $7

I really needed new eyelash curlers as mine had broken but i wanted to wait to pick up a pair from NYC. I love the colour of these and so far so good ! 
Sephora roze quarts eye lash curler - $17

Again watching youtube hauls etc i saw this was popular, iv not tried a facial brush before so i thought i may as well try one out ! 
Sephora Pink facial brush $7

Well i just thought these where really adorable and handy for if you are staying over night some where. They are little body washes! I saw them while i was in the line for the till ! (guilty again) 
I bought Mango and Lemon $1 each! 

Finally i bought two products from the Sephora own makeup range ! 
(I now wish i bought more)
I got this mini eyeliner for $5 , not sure how often i will use thi

And this gorgeous lipstick for $13 which is such a nice colour !

Swatches from most products. I will do full reviews on products if any one wants me to? 
Im sure I will be doing some in the new year!

From left to right ! 
Sephora lipstick 
Wet n wild lipstick 
Dr rescue baby lips 
Strike a rose baby lips 
Sephora + pantone nail polish 
Ciate mini nail polish 
Wet n wild nail polish 
Sephora black eyeliner 

Sorry for the most amount of Photos EVER! be prepared for more again tomorrow ! Let me know what you think to all my new purchases ! Have you bought any of these !?

8 days till christmas !!

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  1. So jealous I adore New York and always love a long visit to Sephora! I got a wet n wild eyeliner from Duane Reed the last time I was there and was so surprised by the quality! Looking forward to seeing your individual product reviews.


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