Countdown to Christmas #16 Present Wrapping

Oh my goodness i did not realise how much i had bought ! WOW OH WOW. 
I think iv got a bit over the top especially for Darren this year, but never mind I love buying and giving presents and I only have my mum, dad, brother and Darren to buy for so its not much really. Oh i did actually buy my dog some biscuits that iv wrapped too lol.

So i bought my paper this year from Asda. I usually buy paper chase, I was a christmas tempo there a few years ago when i lived in London and i fell in love with everything so iv bought from there ever since but iv just not had chance to go get some. I work right near to the one in Manchester but it has the same opening hours has my store so I never get a chance to go in ! Anyyyway I picked up two rolls from Asda for £2 each as i don't like all my gifts to be wrapped the same, I also got some nice tags that where £2 and then i bought some curling ribbon that was from in think Home bargains for £1 I think. 
I really Love wrapping presents I like them to look all fancy and nice so that you can not wait to open them. I sat down yesterday and managed to get a few done while in my new christmassey pjs on watching the only way in essexmass :), Here is a few pics...

9 days till christmas !!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just got that exact same watch for my Birthday last week!! Love it! :)


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