countdown to christmas #15 (missed a few)

So being the bad person that i am missed out quiet a few days of my countdown to christmas :( Im disappointed but i truly have had nook time at all. I planned to write a few up before I left for NY but I had no time then and now no time since iv been back ! 

I landed wednesday morning had to go straight to work and then Darren my boyfriend took me for a lovely birthday meal. 
Thursday I unpacked in the morning then work all day. 
Friday work all day and then straight babysitting for Darrens baby sisters :)
Saturday work all day again !! then home to bed.. I then had 14 HOURS SLEEP! so so tiered !  
Today woke up late at 12 !! did my food shopping wrapped my christmas presents, cooked tea watched master chef and took loads of blog post pictures and now here i am :) 

Hopefully by now you will see my beautiful new blog layout which i am very happy with. It was done by Amy from :)

I had an amazing time in New York however you will have to wait and see for my photos as they are all on my mums camera which she has back with her in Hull so hopefully when i go home for christmas i shall post them then and show you all what i got up too. I will be posting my big hauls though so look out for those in the next few days ! 

For today I want to show you a few photos from wednesday night, my birthday meal with Darren..
We went to Grill on the Alley in Manchester, I had never been but really wanted to and he surprised me by taking me there ! we got there a little early so had a cocktail while we waited for our table, I had calamari to start and Darren had thai fish cakes and then we both had fajitas but i had chicken and he has crispy beef ( I got food envy cause his was lovely). We couldn't manage a desert but we has another cocktail, which was free as the manager asked us to move table which was no trouble at all but said we could have a complementary cocktail each form him so we was pretty happy with that ! All in all i would really recommend it here as it was divine and I can not wait to go again! Thank you Darren for taking me :) 

10 days till christmas !!


  1. Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Grill on the Alley is one of my personal favourites! I love the Wagu beef fillet (little pricey at ober £50 though!). They used to do NHS discount but unfortunately it doesn't include the Wagu. Have you been to Grill on NYS? It's 50% off all food (except Wagu again) if you book online. So fricken good! ps - love the blog design it looks awesome!
    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  2. Thank you ! ooh no i haven't been there i will have to have a look !! thanks.
    Im pretty sure i already follow you :D xx


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