New look picks: Shoes

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New look isn't a place I visit often but I know if I need some decent shoes that are on trend this season then I can rely on finding some there. recently I bought the black  mid-heals with the metallic strip across the toes and the double ankle strap. They are nothing like any other shoes I own! I often go for massive chunky heels (as you can see by the others I have chosen) but I wanted a pair of these to wear with my printed trousers on a night out so its a bit more .. sophisticated !
They where only £19.99 and I got student discount on top of that too! Bargain. Whilst in-store I found a few other pairs I quiet liked too but I couldn't afford all of them! so I thought I would put together a little wish list to show you the ones I would choose ! I may have to purchase these in the future as I feel they are a decent quality even though they are at a lower price !
You can find all these on the New look website or in-store if you are interested :)
Where is your favourite place for shoes?

Alex ox.


  1. I really like New Look especially for heels - I love the cream ones you have picked out! x

    1. Thanks :) Thank you for always commenting on my blog too ! your so lovely ! xx


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