Ebay Wish list #5

ebay wishlist
2. (no longer available sorry)
4. (no longer available sorry)

I havent posted an Ebay wish list in some time now but i felt the need to due to the huge amount of items i have in my Ebay watch list. These are all fashion items today however there is a lot of other items i do have in there which i may share with you some other time ;). 
Each item is hyperlinked so you can easily find something if you like what you see. Let me know what your loving too. 

I am also selling lots of things on Ebay so check it out seller:alex_redfearn92 and in my blog sale :)

Hope every one is well !
Lots of Love
Alex ox.


  1. Wow I love all these so much! I want them all! Thanks for sharing :-)



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