Advertising Campaigns.

Advertising is one of my favourite things about fashion ! I am that person who flicks through the glossies but stops and stares at the ad campaigns ! 
I love how they can draw you in, tell a story and sell a product or brand.
My particular favourite brand that has amazing ad campaigns is Dolce & Gabbana. I love how they portray hispanic heritage and show all their products including man, woman and children. I don't know why but I'm just drawn in to them, not so much as i want to buy the product but more that I want to live that lifestyle. i think it is very clever how brands can do that, it makes you buy in to the whole package and be involved within what the brand is about, it also sets a good identity. My dream job would be to work within Advertising/ Marketing etc i dream of one day being involved in the planning and making of Advertisements like those above. 
You can find all of their ad campaigns on their website !

What are your favourite campaigns?


  1. so true! I work in marketing and pr and I love it - it's so much fun trying to work out how consumers think and play to that! x

    1. Awh do you ?? where at ? I can not wait to start working in the industry :D !!

      Alex ox.


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