The #Makeup Tag.

1. Liquid or powder highlighter?
Always powder ! I haven't tried any liquid ones.
2. Cream or powder blush/eyeshadow? 
Both powder i don't really like cream based products.
3. Primer or no primer? 
Primer for an occasion where i want my makeup to stay the whole day.
4. Lipstick, lipgloss or lip stain?
5. Eyeliner or no eyeliner?
No eyeliner ! Im allergic :(
6. Neutral, smokey or colourful? 
7. Bold or basic lips? 
depends on the occasion, basic for day and bold for night 
8. Pale or tanned/bronzed? 
9. Full face, one item or no make up? 
Full face most of the time.
10. Palettes or individual products? 

*Image sourced from Pinterest.

MAC Paradisco

I use a really basic Natural Collection from Boots eye shadow everyday and i decided i should probably buy a higher end shadow that i can wear on a daily basis that is subtle but also a nice shade that compliments my eye colour. I popped in to the Mac counter at House of Fraser and the lady pointed out a few shades that would look good and i choose this one - Paradisco ! 
Its a creamy peachy colour that is just what i wanted. I don't have a lot of eyeshadows but i would like to build up my collection so i feel this is a good start! 
Any one have any colour recommendations? 

Advertising Campaigns.

Advertising is one of my favourite things about fashion ! I am that person who flicks through the glossies but stops and stares at the ad campaigns ! 
I love how they can draw you in, tell a story and sell a product or brand.
My particular favourite brand that has amazing ad campaigns is Dolce & Gabbana. I love how they portray hispanic heritage and show all their products including man, woman and children. I don't know why but I'm just drawn in to them, not so much as i want to buy the product but more that I want to live that lifestyle. i think it is very clever how brands can do that, it makes you buy in to the whole package and be involved within what the brand is about, it also sets a good identity. My dream job would be to work within Advertising/ Marketing etc i dream of one day being involved in the planning and making of Advertisements like those above. 
You can find all of their ad campaigns on their website !

What are your favourite campaigns?

Rouge Dior lipstick

I bought this lipstick quiet a while ago now but I just havnt had chance to photograph me with it on :) I think it's nice to be able to see the colour on rather than just a swatch as you can see the colour match with the skin tone. 
I love this lip colour is quiet daring for me as it's rather bright ! But I think it just completes my face! I have very thin lips so it does sort of plump them.

This purchase was definitely worth the money ! 

Ebay Wish list #5

ebay wishlist
2. (no longer available sorry)
4. (no longer available sorry)

I havent posted an Ebay wish list in some time now but i felt the need to due to the huge amount of items i have in my Ebay watch list. These are all fashion items today however there is a lot of other items i do have in there which i may share with you some other time ;). 
Each item is hyperlinked so you can easily find something if you like what you see. Let me know what your loving too. 

I am also selling lots of things on Ebay so check it out seller:alex_redfearn92 and in my blog sale :)

Hope every one is well !
Lots of Love
Alex ox.

Jessica Irwin Clothing :)

You may already know I love a good competition and any opportunity to enter one I will !
Competitions I enter the most are twitter retweets and I have been fortunate enough to win a few things in the past :D
Recently I won a tshirt from .. Jessica Irwin Clothing !!

I like things like this as it helps to discover new products and brands I love this and would deffo buy from her in the future as it is such a nice quality.
Check out her easy shop she has some lovely prints :) 
Thank you once again !! 

New look picks: Shoes

Untitled #16

New look isn't a place I visit often but I know if I need some decent shoes that are on trend this season then I can rely on finding some there. recently I bought the black  mid-heals with the metallic strip across the toes and the double ankle strap. They are nothing like any other shoes I own! I often go for massive chunky heels (as you can see by the others I have chosen) but I wanted a pair of these to wear with my printed trousers on a night out so its a bit more .. sophisticated !
They where only £19.99 and I got student discount on top of that too! Bargain. Whilst in-store I found a few other pairs I quiet liked too but I couldn't afford all of them! so I thought I would put together a little wish list to show you the ones I would choose ! I may have to purchase these in the future as I feel they are a decent quality even though they are at a lower price !
You can find all these on the New look website or in-store if you are interested :)
Where is your favourite place for shoes?

Alex ox.

Whats in my new flat? | Room Tour

Hi everyone, Just a quick post for today! This has been sitting in my drafts for so long i completely forgot about it ! I wanted to share a few photos of my room as iv recently moved in to a new flat in Manchester. These aren't the best photos as you cannot even see all of my room but it just shows a few little details that i think shows my personality and style :) 

Maybe I shall do one a little more detailed if any one is interested?

Instagram month: October

Starbucks Salted caramel Hot chocolate- forgot i was called Ales ? // Tesco pudding More Salted caramel ! // Sweet & Salty poppercorn // More Starbucks Salted caramel hot choc and a cookie (cheering myself up cause i had to quit my job)

Archies ! Best milkshakes in Manchester // Little Victoria Secret purchase ;) // New Dior Lipstick // Ben & Jerrys Half baked ! Sooo yummy 

Halloween! Zombie school girl // Me and Becci pre night out ! // Blogger mail // Me and Maddie having cocktails in Selfridges on the VFNO 

Had quiet a fun month with lots going on :) As you can see I have a LOVE for salty/sweet combinations and Salted Caramel hot chocolates are a like a dream to me !! 
Hope everyone else has had a good month !! Looking forward to Christmas shopping throughout November :) ohh and Job hunting as i decided that the job i had wasn't working well for me and i wasn't enjoying it at all so i decided to find a different one instead !