Vogue Fashion Night Out | 2013 #VFNO

Last Thursday I attended the Vogue Fashion Night out in the city of Manchester!

I was quiet excited about this being in Manchester as it is my home town at the moment so it was nice for such a big event to be based here and not in London. I didn’t really have a plan for my night i just thought i would go along and see what’s going on. I had a few ideas of places I would like to visit but I dindt want to have a dead set plan.

A few days before the event Amy from amyjanealice.com tweeted to ask if any Manchester bloggers fancied helping out are the Warehouse store for an hour as a part of the VFNO so I replied and said me and my friend would help out. So we firstly went along to that. There was quiet a few people there ready to help out, we where all informed we had to walk down market street in Manchester handing out Knit wear to people. Yep i know little bit strange but the reason was to promote their knit wear this season, which i must say is Verrrry nice ;) so a army of girls handing out flyers throwing scarfs, gloves, hats you name it and chanting 'KNIT BOMB KNIT BOMB' deffinatly attracted attention and we where asked what was going on and directing people to the warehouse store. They also had other things going on instore including goodie bags, drinks and eyebrow treatments so basically Warehouse was the place to be for freebies. At the end of this we where all given a £25 gift voucher to spend in store which was really nice :) 

After all this maddness Me and my friend Maddie went to Boux Avenue as it was newly opened that day, I was invited to attend the opening in the morning but unfortunately had to miss out due to University lectures. So i decided to make up for it by buying a new pairs of pants ;) they had offers instore including free goodie bags and free manicures which was nice. 

We then went to an out door marque which had catwalk shows and stalls form local universities and businesses we actually saw Henry Holland in here which left us slightly starstruck ;) Then on to Selfridges which had sooo many freebies going on including: popcorn stall, candy floss, pick and mix, hot dogs, slush puppies and a FREE bar ! (WOWWW) so we sipped on free cocktails which was lovely whilst watching jamela Jamil Dj.  

There was sooo many other things going on but i would be here all night if i explained each one so i may just have to stop rabbeting now ! it was such a fun night I wish Manchester was like this everyday !!

Here is a few photos I took from the night :).

Undies I bought from the newly opened Boux Avenue store

Did you attend the VFNO?
Where did you go and what did you get up to ??

Alex ox


  1. Oh I wish I could have attended! It seemed like so much fun and a lot going on! Looks like you had fun!

    LFA (lovefromangelic) Xx

    1. It was really fun :) i was so happy it was in manchester !


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