Student Night shopping haul

On the 1st October Manchester Arndale shopping centre had their 'Student lock in" event where all stores offered a student discount and goodies with each purchase. I, as many other students took advantage of this and went a little crazy wanting to buy everything in sight ! However there was other events happening which didn't involve you spending money including games to win prizes, Djs in store, bands within the centre there was few store giving alcohol out upon entry and many other fun things to attract the students ! I went to this event last year and bought a few things within moderation but this year i just felt like i needed EVERYTHING ! (I had just been paid). It was extremely busy in most stores (TopShop even shut the doors and it was one-in-one-out) so it was quiet hard to shop so i just picked out things iv had my eye on for a while and I feel I ended up with a few bargains :)

Total spent without discount = £178.49
Total spent with discount =£146.64

Total saved = £31.85 !!

Pretty decent saving if you ask me ;)
That can be now spent tonight at the Vouge Fashion night out that is based all around Manchester city centre ! Really looking forward to it, hopefully see some of you there. I shall be writing up a post all about that very soon.

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  1. Student nights are fab for grabbing bargains. I remember my housemate going to one last year and she came back with so many bags of shopping. I stayed in because I was scared I'd do the same haha.


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