September Favourites

Friends DVDs

So this past month i have been obsessed with watching all the friends disks! I have borrowed the box set off the boyfriend and this is the one i'm up to season 5 :) i didn't realise how long it would take me to be honest but i am very much enjoying them so they are definitely a favourite of mine.


As i have moved in to a new flat recently candles seem to be the top of my shopping list when buying 'home accessories' i think iv gone a bit mad with the amount i have bought as this is only the ones i have in my bed room currently .. my flat does however smell amazinggg :).

Elf Baked blush - Rich Rose 

Defiantly my favourite makeup product of the moment. Its such a lovely colour and at such a cheap price to it is hard to resist :) I would reccomend to any one ! I find it fairly similar to the mac domed blushes !

baby lips - mint fresh & cherry me 

There is no need for an explanation for thses beauties as everyyyy single beauty lover is raving about them too :) I love them I'm sure you will too ! 

Body shop satsuma body butter 

This is a recent find for me as I always stay clear of body shop as I tend to be allergic however a friend bought me a gift set last christmas and I found it un opened the other day so I thought i may as well just try it and i do quiet like it ! it smells sooo good and i have seen many beauty bloggers love them too so i may try a different scent once i have used this one up :).

Have you tried any of these ??
What are your favourites ?

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  1. Friends is my ultimate favourite, it is the perfect pick me up! x


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