#MyFirsts tag

Iv seen this tag floating around mainly on Youtube but I loved seeing other post/talk about it so I wanted to do the same :) 

So heree we go ..

My first word 
Was teddy bear :) quiet a complex work for a baby to say really?

My first teddy 
Tessie bear who still lives in my bed ;)

My first friend 
My mum and another lady was in beds next to each other in the hospital and a baby boy was born the day after me.we ended up going the same soft play and nursery together so I guess he was my first friend ;) we ended up going to high school together too :) 

First school crush 
I'm not really sure about this .. probly some one in school i had a lot of boyfriends in primary school .. at least a new one each week sometimes too ! (what a hussy!!)

My first kiss 
I'm not sure about this one ? I guess some one in primary school ? 

First celeb crush 
Probably H from steps :| yes I know he's gay but I didn't know that when I was 10 ! I went to a steps concert once and he touched my head ! I nearly cried :D 

First boyfriend 
Again not sure about this probably some one in primary school but I guess this isn't really real ! 
My first serious propa boyfriend is the one I'm still with now :D 

First job 
Was at the local Football stadium :) the first job I ever applied for too ! 

First Concert
I think it was the Steps concert :) 

First Car 
Which is still my car .. VW polo :)

First blog post 
It was so armature just like a few pictures of random thinks and then saying hi I'm Alex ...

First pet 
The first and last pet that was actually mine was a hamster called snowy ! It died cause it ate the paint from its cage :/. 
But before I was born my mum and dad already had a dog called Smirnoff !! She loveddd me and used to sit by my pram :) 

First time I met my boyfriend  
In Austria on skiing trip with school! He is two school years above me so I didn't actually know him until we went on the trip. I really fancied him and used to follow him around :| *cringe 

First big purchase
Ermm not really sure on this one cause everything iv bought that's 'big' has probably been for bday money ect so I don't think there's something iv outright paid for myself :( 

First cd 
I think it was B Witched !! Ce la vie ;) 

First fear 
I have quiet a lot of fears but I think of mannequins / dummies / waxworks ! 

So yeah there was a few Firsts .. Have you done this tag ? what are your firsts?


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