John Frieda Full Repair & Protect | Review

Recently I was contacted by John Frieda and asked if I would like to try out there repair and protect range. 

As I already use John Frieda products I obviously very happily said yes please !!!

They sent me the full repair hydrate and rescue shampoo and conditioner to try. I usually use the blonde products including the shampoo conditioner the conditioning and lightening spray and I love all these products but I was happy to try the repair range as I am always looking for alternatives. Apparently it is better for you hair if you change shampoo and comditioner around every so often too :). 

So yeah I have used this now a few times and I have already noticed my hair is in such a nice condition! I recently dip dyed my hair and the ends are looking a bit messy and this has made them look so much healthier and a more acceptable condition !! I have noticed that my hair looks shiner too and still the bright blonde shade I like to maintain. This is a product I would recommend and rebuy :) 

You can find all of their products on there website:Here! 

Also they have a YouTube channel! I am a massive fan of Youtube and I love looking for beauty tutorials, they have lots of different styling techniques that are fun to try to :) You can find that Here! 

Thank you John Frieda for letting me try these out :D 

Most coveted items | Beauty Wishlist 2013

Beauty wish list

Heyy everyone :) I have decided to put together a little beauty wish list. These are a few products that I am lusting over right now I haven't tried any of these products before and I would really like to so hopefully I will be able to purchase some of them soon! 

Tom Ford Black orchid perfume 
Clinique Chubby stick
Nars blush 
Dior Nail glow polish
Benefit Porefessional
Realtechniques brushes 
Bobbi Brown shimmer brick
MAC pro longwear foundation

Whats in your beauty wish list ?

Vogue Fashion Night Out | 2013 #VFNO

Last Thursday I attended the Vogue Fashion Night out in the city of Manchester!

I was quiet excited about this being in Manchester as it is my home town at the moment so it was nice for such a big event to be based here and not in London. I didn’t really have a plan for my night i just thought i would go along and see what’s going on. I had a few ideas of places I would like to visit but I dindt want to have a dead set plan.

A few days before the event Amy from tweeted to ask if any Manchester bloggers fancied helping out are the Warehouse store for an hour as a part of the VFNO so I replied and said me and my friend would help out. So we firstly went along to that. There was quiet a few people there ready to help out, we where all informed we had to walk down market street in Manchester handing out Knit wear to people. Yep i know little bit strange but the reason was to promote their knit wear this season, which i must say is Verrrry nice ;) so a army of girls handing out flyers throwing scarfs, gloves, hats you name it and chanting 'KNIT BOMB KNIT BOMB' deffinatly attracted attention and we where asked what was going on and directing people to the warehouse store. They also had other things going on instore including goodie bags, drinks and eyebrow treatments so basically Warehouse was the place to be for freebies. At the end of this we where all given a £25 gift voucher to spend in store which was really nice :) 

After all this maddness Me and my friend Maddie went to Boux Avenue as it was newly opened that day, I was invited to attend the opening in the morning but unfortunately had to miss out due to University lectures. So i decided to make up for it by buying a new pairs of pants ;) they had offers instore including free goodie bags and free manicures which was nice. 

We then went to an out door marque which had catwalk shows and stalls form local universities and businesses we actually saw Henry Holland in here which left us slightly starstruck ;) Then on to Selfridges which had sooo many freebies going on including: popcorn stall, candy floss, pick and mix, hot dogs, slush puppies and a FREE bar ! (WOWWW) so we sipped on free cocktails which was lovely whilst watching jamela Jamil Dj.  

There was sooo many other things going on but i would be here all night if i explained each one so i may just have to stop rabbeting now ! it was such a fun night I wish Manchester was like this everyday !!

Here is a few photos I took from the night :).

Undies I bought from the newly opened Boux Avenue store

Did you attend the VFNO?
Where did you go and what did you get up to ??

Alex ox

#MyFirsts tag

Iv seen this tag floating around mainly on Youtube but I loved seeing other post/talk about it so I wanted to do the same :) 

So heree we go ..

My first word 
Was teddy bear :) quiet a complex work for a baby to say really?

My first teddy 
Tessie bear who still lives in my bed ;)

My first friend 
My mum and another lady was in beds next to each other in the hospital and a baby boy was born the day after me.we ended up going the same soft play and nursery together so I guess he was my first friend ;) we ended up going to high school together too :) 

First school crush 
I'm not really sure about this .. probly some one in school i had a lot of boyfriends in primary school .. at least a new one each week sometimes too ! (what a hussy!!)

My first kiss 
I'm not sure about this one ? I guess some one in primary school ? 

First celeb crush 
Probably H from steps :| yes I know he's gay but I didn't know that when I was 10 ! I went to a steps concert once and he touched my head ! I nearly cried :D 

First boyfriend 
Again not sure about this probably some one in primary school but I guess this isn't really real ! 
My first serious propa boyfriend is the one I'm still with now :D 

First job 
Was at the local Football stadium :) the first job I ever applied for too ! 

First Concert
I think it was the Steps concert :) 

First Car 
Which is still my car .. VW polo :)

First blog post 
It was so armature just like a few pictures of random thinks and then saying hi I'm Alex ...

First pet 
The first and last pet that was actually mine was a hamster called snowy ! It died cause it ate the paint from its cage :/. 
But before I was born my mum and dad already had a dog called Smirnoff !! She loveddd me and used to sit by my pram :) 

First time I met my boyfriend  
In Austria on skiing trip with school! He is two school years above me so I didn't actually know him until we went on the trip. I really fancied him and used to follow him around :| *cringe 

First big purchase
Ermm not really sure on this one cause everything iv bought that's 'big' has probably been for bday money ect so I don't think there's something iv outright paid for myself :( 

First cd 
I think it was B Witched !! Ce la vie ;) 

First fear 
I have quiet a lot of fears but I think of mannequins / dummies / waxworks ! 

So yeah there was a few Firsts .. Have you done this tag ? what are your firsts?

Student Night shopping haul

On the 1st October Manchester Arndale shopping centre had their 'Student lock in" event where all stores offered a student discount and goodies with each purchase. I, as many other students took advantage of this and went a little crazy wanting to buy everything in sight ! However there was other events happening which didn't involve you spending money including games to win prizes, Djs in store, bands within the centre there was few store giving alcohol out upon entry and many other fun things to attract the students ! I went to this event last year and bought a few things within moderation but this year i just felt like i needed EVERYTHING ! (I had just been paid). It was extremely busy in most stores (TopShop even shut the doors and it was one-in-one-out) so it was quiet hard to shop so i just picked out things iv had my eye on for a while and I feel I ended up with a few bargains :)

Total spent without discount = £178.49
Total spent with discount =£146.64

Total saved = £31.85 !!

Pretty decent saving if you ask me ;)
That can be now spent tonight at the Vouge Fashion night out that is based all around Manchester city centre ! Really looking forward to it, hopefully see some of you there. I shall be writing up a post all about that very soon.

September Favourites

Friends DVDs

So this past month i have been obsessed with watching all the friends disks! I have borrowed the box set off the boyfriend and this is the one i'm up to season 5 :) i didn't realise how long it would take me to be honest but i am very much enjoying them so they are definitely a favourite of mine.


As i have moved in to a new flat recently candles seem to be the top of my shopping list when buying 'home accessories' i think iv gone a bit mad with the amount i have bought as this is only the ones i have in my bed room currently .. my flat does however smell amazinggg :).

Elf Baked blush - Rich Rose 

Defiantly my favourite makeup product of the moment. Its such a lovely colour and at such a cheap price to it is hard to resist :) I would reccomend to any one ! I find it fairly similar to the mac domed blushes !

baby lips - mint fresh & cherry me 

There is no need for an explanation for thses beauties as everyyyy single beauty lover is raving about them too :) I love them I'm sure you will too ! 

Body shop satsuma body butter 

This is a recent find for me as I always stay clear of body shop as I tend to be allergic however a friend bought me a gift set last christmas and I found it un opened the other day so I thought i may as well just try it and i do quiet like it ! it smells sooo good and i have seen many beauty bloggers love them too so i may try a different scent once i have used this one up :).

Have you tried any of these ??
What are your favourites ?

Instagram month: September

Me and my best friend josh - old photo but it was his birthday the other day :) 
Selfieees - out for a meal / paint party in magaluff / pouty selfie 

Planning traveling with the boyfriend // New puma trainers (as always )  //My top after the paint party in maga 

Free dominos back to being a student // Boots haul // Millie's cookie for our boss  //Explaining my lack of wardrobe space 

Here is my September instagrammed month :) a few days late as always !! I FINALLLY have wifi in my new flat so i will be back to posting more regular from now on which makes me happpy :) 

Not really much to say about september apart from i had a crazy 5 days in Magaluf for my friends 21st , i got a new job working within a store in the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester and im back at uni. This year i have decided to make the most of uni so i have signed up to learn spanish as part of my degree, i have joined the snow sports team / society which i am pretty scared about but i am sure ill enjoy and i plan to make the most of my extra help i get due to my Dyslexia :) so all in all im going to have a productive year fingers crossed :). 

Let me know if you like these posts as i really do on other peoples blogs so leave me your link if you post them too ! 

Also my photo alignment is a bit off and im unable to sort it as i am slightly rubbish with technological things so i do apologise.

hope everyone is well :) ox.


Cardigan - Next
Top - River Island
Leggings -Next
Trainers -Puma Liga suade
Bag - Michael Korrs
Jewellery - Alexander McQueen Necklace // Vivienne Westwood necklace // Michael Korrs Watch
This is such a rubbish quality photo and I feel I look a bit stupid but its not very often I post a full length #OTTD and this was taken by my mum outside of my house last week when I was back home, so I thought I may as well post it :). If you read my Blog you will know I do Love my various pairs of trainers so this is one of the ways I style them :).These trainers are my Puma Liga suade they are really comfortable, and I feel they are easy to style and they are just simply black and white with a touch of gold writing. The top I'm wearing was actually my mums but I liked it so it has now come back to uni with me (this is an regular occurrence). I am working on stealing my mums camera to bring back to uni with me to so I able to take better quality photographs !
I'm back at uni this week and I'm enjoying it so far ! really glad to be back after 5 months off !! I'm now a 2nd year and things are getting exciting.
I went to the student lock-in event at Manchester Arndale shopping centre last night so look out for my new purchases post ! Guilt free shopping due to the student discount !
I hope everyone is well :)
&& if your back at uni I hope your enjoying I too.