Soap&Glory Thick & Fast Mascara | Review

Soap & Glory is one of my favourite  brands and of course I signed up to their e-news letter. They recently sent out an email saying that they have received complaints about their makeup product stands in boots saying they where not up to scratch. I have experienced this my self, they never have any testers and it always looks a bit messy compared to other product stands. This doesn't often put me off purchasing but it is nice to have a little tester of the product before you buy. Any way Soap & Glory requested that people send in photographs of their stands within their local stores to show what state they where in, and in return the first 100 people to do so would receive a free Thick & Fast mascara. 

I didn't actually think this would be something i actively went out and did but i was actually in Boots Trafford centre a few days later and i just thought hey why not just take a quick snap to send off. So i did so and they replied a little while later to say thank you and what is my address so they could send me the mascara! I was pretty happy with this as i didn't know if i would have emailed quickly enough to qualify. My package arrived two days later (VERY QUICKKK) and i was actually really excited.

 I LOVE the packaging on this product it really does stand out. S&G have such a great brand image and i have totally bought in to it. Personally i am some one who really analyses packaging, marketing adverts etc as that is what i study, i try not to buy in to brand images as i know it is just their to make you buy the product even if that product isnt so good However S&G products always work really well for me and the beautiful packaging is just  bonus ;).

I am currently using this product as an every day mascara as it is doesn't make my lashes too dramatic just naturally enhanced so i like it just for everyday work etc. 
I dont own a lot of make up from Soap and Glory mainly body care, hair care etc but i do feel like it may be something i buy a bit more of in the future! 

Hopefully now Soap & Glory have all this feedback from the customers they can work to improve their makeup product stands to stand out from the others ! 

Did any one else do this ??
what do you think of their product stands?


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