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Hi there lovelies, I haven't being blogging in a little while due to my lack of internet in my new flat :( it is really irritating me now but there isn't actually a lot i can do :( , However i have a dongle (which also is not great) but i thought id have a go posting while i can so here is a little boots haul i purchased before my holiday the other week :). 

I wasnt particulary shopping for anything but i thought i may as well pick up a few minis and bits and bobs for my holidays as its always nice to take new things away with you, so heres what i got:

Simple Hydrating facial cream 
I picked up the simple hydrating facial creme as a little mini to take away with me, i wasn't sure how it would work with my skin but i actually enjoyed using it and would consider a full size in the future.

Simple Refreshing facial wash 
Again i didn't know i would feel about this but i did like it so maybe the simple range would be something i would look at purchasing again.

Johnsons baby shampoo 
The Simple minis where 3 for 2 so i decided to get this baby shampoo within the deal, i will use this to clean my make up brushes as i have seen it is a popular choice to clean brushes with so i thought i would give it a go too and with it being 3 for 2 i couldn't really resist.

Baby lips mint fresh 
I bought yet another baby lips to take away with me as i usually tend to get dry lips abroad to i thought that would tackle the problem, plus it truly is minty fresh and feels tingly when applied :)

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge 
I had not actually seen this in any stores until i was in this particular boots store. i always apply my foundation with a sponge so when i saw this i had to have this one, i have used it quiet a few times now and i love it ! it makes my make up look amazing such a good purchase! 

Bic Razors 
Boring purchase but essential for the holiday ;).

Soap & Glory Peaches and clean 3 in 1 wash off deep purifying clenser 
I love this facial wash/cleanser it makes me skin feel and smell beautiful i don't want to go on too much about it as i feel it deserves its own separate post.

The Ulitimelt deep purifying hot clothe cleanser 
Again I love this :) I like that it comes with its own facial cloth but again I feel a seporate post is needed for these goodies. 

For Daily Youth 6 in 1 multi youth
This moisturiser smells insanely good, sort of like sex on the beach cocktail ;) again though all in one blog post so i can share my true new passion for these soap and glory products

Here is a few more pictures for  closer view :)


  1. I love peaches and cream cleanser, defo one of my favourites! x



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