Puma Trainers | Review

If you read my blog you will know i have  a slight trainer obsession, and I work in a shop filled with trainers it is hard to resist ! So these are my latest additions to the collection :) 

Puma Liga suede // Black & White 
Puma Glyde // Baby blue 

I love these as they are so comfy! and I feel they will be easy to style as they are quiet neutral colours compared to my bright pink ones ;). I now have 9 pairs of Puma trainers it is definitely time to stop ! It is actually my last week of working their now as it is unfortunately closing down so i am now looking for a new job :(. It is disappointing as i do quiet enjoy working there but i'm hoping for new challenges and to make some new friends :) 

Also this is my 100th post ! Wow it really doesn't seem like that but i suppose at the beginning my blog posts where mainly random photos, I love how my blog has changed for the better! I have enjoyed the experience of learning new things, ways to adapt my blog and improving and expanding it the best i can :) ! 

If any one has any suggestions for improvements for me or posts they wish to see please feel free to contact and let me know your thoughts ! I love feed back and try to reply to every comment i receive. Thank you to everyone has taken the time to read my posts. && Watch this space for more exciting things to come :)

Much Love to you all ox.  


  1. Hi Alex, I've just stumbled across your blog and have been browsing through your blog posts for the past half hour! Its a great blog! Sorry to hear about your job but I totally agree that it opens opportunities for new challenges and new friends, things happen for the best sometimes! Good Luck with everything :)Nicola xx

    The Beauty Monologue

    1. Hi Nicola :) Thank you for your lovely comment it really made me smile :) ! Thanks for taking the time to read my posts too it does mean a lot to me :)! i shall be sure to do the same for you now :D xxxxx


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