Yankee Candles Review | Summer scoop & Waikiki Melon

Summer scoop and Waikiki Melon

Oh my goodness why did no body tell me how amazing these smell :) 

I was feeling slightly down the other day as my boyfriend has gone away for a few days and its the first time we have been apart in AGES. (we used to do long distance but now we are always together its got harder again) So i thought i would cheer my self up, i spotted these Candles in a clintons cards shop located in the shopping mall that i work in. 

There is actually a Yankee Candle shop but i noticed these as they where buy one get one half price ! I noticed the big 50% signed and walked straight in ! 

Iv just moved in to my new flat as you may know and i can not resist from buying cute little things to put around my home :) Im deffs turning in to my mum ! thats not a bad thing because she's lovely.
Anyyywayyy i usually just buy the smaller candles priced around £1.99 but i thought why not make the most of the offer plus these will last me quiet a while :) So they where £10 each so i got them both for £15 which i thought was pretttty good. They are such lovely summer fragrances and i have lit each one in turn for the past few days of me having them The names describe their scent perfectly ! so fresh and fruity i loveee them :)

I thought as well i can use the glass they are in as some form of container when they are eventually all used up :). I would Recommend these to any one who loves the fruity sweet scents :) 

What Yankee Candles do you own if any ??


  1. I hated being in a LDR! At least it is only for a few days. They'll be over before you know it and you'll see him again. :) I love melon scented things! I'll have to give it a smell the next time I see Yankee Candles.

    1. its horrible isnt it :( !!
      you should it smells deeevine :) xx


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