Not your usual Outfit of the day post but hey lets be different ;). 
I was having a bit of a casual chilled day just popping out to shop and not really doing much so scraped my hair back, didn't bother with makeup just the usual moisturiser and threw on my comfy zara jeans with my new Hollister Hoodie that i bought in the sale.. such a bargain at £14 ! and then added my comfy navy converse :) i thought hey i look preppy and cool .. so i thought why not OTTD ;). 

Just a quick post today :)
Planning some exciting new posts at the moment. This month i really want to concentrate on getting my blog to a higher standard so any tips are more than welcome !!
Im loving having a separate blog twitter at the moment as i can chat to all you beautiful bloggy people, and make new friends anddd find out about exciting meet ups ect :)


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