Instagram month: August

Booked Clean bandit tickets // Had dinner and champers at Harvey Nichols // me and my mama at a wedding 

My Harveys nicks main course // baking Brownies and cookies // Paella // Yummy Salad 
My lip stick collection // My barry M collection // New Pjs // Sneeeeks 

I havnt actually done alot this month. went back to my home town and went to a weddding with my mum and out with my friends. It was my boyfriends birthday so i took him out for a meal in Harvey Nichols 2nd floor restaurant ! it was ammmazzzinggg :) and thats about it reaaaaly. Bit more exciting next month as im back to uni, go on holiday with my girlies and hopefully a new job :) 

What you been up to this month ?? 
I love looking at what others have been up too :)


  1. I am defs in LOVE with your sneeks! Also love the Barry M Gelly Nail Paint, youve made me want the orange one lol!

    Lorraine x

    1. Thank you :) They are so cute and they cost me about £12 !! yes orange is beautttt :)

      Alex ox.


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