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So i don't enter a lot of competitions but this one i thought would be quiet fun. I have seen a few other bloggers post theirs and its nice to see where others spend their holidays ! It was quiet hard for me to choose which holiday i would like to actually talk about as i have been to some amazing places ! One of my favourite destinations is South Africa as my family live there. i travelled to South Africa 5 times i think now and every experience has just been amazing ! I have previously blogged about my travels their so i have decided not to write about there. I have also been to some other wonderful places such as:

Dominican Republic 
&& Lots of European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Amsterdam and Austria 

Austria is possibly one of the most memorable of places for me ! It is the place i met my boyfriend. *Awwww* Basically i went to Austria on a school skiing trip when i was in year 10 so around 15 years old. I had never been skiing before but my parents offered to pay for me to go and said it would be amazing! I was slightly apprehensive at first and nearly pulled out of the trip as i didnt actually know any one going on the trip as well at first but once i got chatting to people about it i found a few other girls in my school year where going and a few boys who i knew from the year below so i didn't feel so bad ! My parents bought me all the gear that i needed to go with and i over packed wayyy too much (as always) and set off on the coach for what seemed like a year long bus journey to Austria. Within about an hour of being on the coach i already had spoken to most people around me and ended up swapping seats to sit with some other boys to chat to them. 
Once actually in Austria we where paired and put in to rooms me and my friend Sarah where put with two girls from the year bellow who was so hilarious and looking back im sooo glad we got put with them as im still really good friends with one of them now :) 
So getting down to the actual skiing .. all the first years where given the basics on the first day but then where split up in to who caught on better. i was put in the best group so obviously i was feeling pretty good with my self ;) ! There was me and Sarah being the only girls and then a few other boys, within this group there was a particular boy who caught my eye .. Darren :) i liked him from the very minute we got chatting such a lovely boy who was really easy to get along with and was good fun! we ended up being really good friends by the end of the week ! i made a lot of friends that week and i think now what if i didn't actually go !! 
Any way we stayed in touch just as friends really then a year passed and it was time for the annual school ski trip again which i immediately booked on to along with all my other friends i had made the previous year plus a few extras i managed to convince to come along :D. 
I knew that Darren and his friends would be going again so i got back chatting to him a lot more before the trip. whilst on the trip we where put in the similar groups again just me and Sarah and then the boys however on the 2nd day we all fell off a ski lift and Sarah ended up breaking her wrist :( so i was stuck with the boys for the week ! Being my flirty self took full advantage on letting the boys look after me ! Especially Darren who used to come on the Ski list with me, sit with me at lunch and carry my skis i knew i was well and truly smitten ;) at the age of 16 i ha found my Love .. (ahhh so soppy) On the coach journey home we chatted the whole way .. i kept flirting and so did he i was so happy he liked me too :D 
Anyyyywayyyy so four years later here we are still together and stronger than EVERRR :D. 
This memory will always be with me as i feel its such a special and different way to meet !

If i actually won this competition i know exactly what i would spend the money on .. Another ski trip with my boy :D ! 
We have not actually been on our own holiday together as of yet because we both have uni and are unable to save the huge amount that it costs to go but we keep saying we would LOVE too. So yes perfect solution :P 

Also it would actually be my dream to work within a ski resort ! juat for like one ski season :) i plan to do it after uni ! 

I hope you liked this post as its a bit different to my normal ramblings :P. 

Thank you Money super market for the chance to look back on how my romance started <3 

Here are a few Skiing Snaps :

View of the mountains 

My ski group, with instructor and teachers ;)

My obvious love for Darren shown here ! 

Sarah being helicoptered away // two silly boys ;) // Me with the scenic back ground // The group 

Me and Sarah // Me and chloe (awful pose here) // Me and my life long friend Gracie // Our hoodies .. im Redders :| 


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