End of the month Shopping !

So as you can see i did a bit of end of the month shopping :). This included ..
Bag from Zara that was £10 in the sale.. i was going to buy this full price so I'm glad i didn't pay full price ! 

A hoodie from Hollister that was £12.99 in the sale ! i thought this was such a bargain, its super comfy too and i thought it would be perfect to wear at uni on those 'hungover i cba days'  ;)
I bought some lovely undies from LaSenza which was £4 for the pants and £10 for the bra. I only have 3 bras that are actually the correct size for me. Last time i went in to the La Senza shop i decided to be measured for the first time in my life .. I was 2 cup sizes bigger and 1 back size smaller than i has been wearing ! I was so shocked but also happy thinking yayy i have big boobs ;). i am so much more comfortable in these bras so im glad i got measured.. Undies aren't usually something us bloggers share but i wanted to share with you that it is important to be measured properly :) 

Finally i have bought a few makeup bits .. not in the sale.

I got the TopShop blusher in the colour Head over heals which was £10. I need help from you beauty Bloggers as im not sure as to how to actually apply this ?? it doesnt show up well ??

I finally got the Apocolips Luna - £4.99 in tesco of all places, after searching high and low in all the boots stores in Manchester ! 

You cannt really see in the photo but i bought a Lipliner from the collection 2000 Stand in boots i think it was £1.99. This is the first lip liner i have ever bought, i prefer to buy a cheaper product to trial first and if i enjoy using it i will branch out to other brands :)

Finally I picked up another eye shadow from the natural collection in boots that was again £1.99 in the colour milk chocolate ! 

I have also ordered a HUGE E.L.F order taking advantage of their 60% off offer, so that should be here soon so i shall post all about that once it has arrived :) 

Has any once else bought any bargains in the sale ??
And can any one give me any advise on how to apply the TopShop blush ??


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