Instagram month: August

Booked Clean bandit tickets // Had dinner and champers at Harvey Nichols // me and my mama at a wedding 

My Harveys nicks main course // baking Brownies and cookies // Paella // Yummy Salad 
My lip stick collection // My barry M collection // New Pjs // Sneeeeks 

I havnt actually done alot this month. went back to my home town and went to a weddding with my mum and out with my friends. It was my boyfriends birthday so i took him out for a meal in Harvey Nichols 2nd floor restaurant ! it was ammmazzzinggg :) and thats about it reaaaaly. Bit more exciting next month as im back to uni, go on holiday with my girlies and hopefully a new job :) 

What you been up to this month ?? 
I love looking at what others have been up too :)

Trend picks | Fashion Favourites

So I have decided to do a regular fashion post of trend picks and my first is Tartan ! Tartan has been my favourite print forever ! When i was in sixthform i was completely obbessed with it, to the point where if any one saw any thing tartan they would say .. oh Alex would love that ;). I am so glad it is coming back on the scene as a trend for A/W ! This means there shall be lots of it in the shops :) 
I have already bought my first piece which is this Skirt from Miss selfridge, my mum saw it in the shop and just said you have to buy this anddd i did :) I havent worn it yet but i do feel it will look better in the winter with some think tights and boots !

I created my picks on polyvore so if you wish to see where each item is from check out my account :)

What do you think of my picks? 
Whats on your wish list? 

Holiday postcards | My money supermarket competition

So i don't enter a lot of competitions but this one i thought would be quiet fun. I have seen a few other bloggers post theirs and its nice to see where others spend their holidays ! It was quiet hard for me to choose which holiday i would like to actually talk about as i have been to some amazing places ! One of my favourite destinations is South Africa as my family live there. i travelled to South Africa 5 times i think now and every experience has just been amazing ! I have previously blogged about my travels their so i have decided not to write about there. I have also been to some other wonderful places such as:

Dominican Republic 
&& Lots of European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Amsterdam and Austria 

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Liebster Award #2

I have again been  nominated for a Liebster Award  :D 
From the Girls, Laura Danica and Rebecca over at Hooked on beauty :  They all run the blog together which i think is a nice idea :). Thank you for the nomination girls ! 

Last time i did one of these i didn't actually do the rules properly sooo here goes :)
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Barry M Nail Polish Collection

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E.L.F Haul & Review

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Yankee Candles Review | Summer scoop & Waikiki Melon

Summer scoop and Waikiki Melon

Oh my goodness why did no body tell me how amazing these smell :) 

I was feeling slightly down the other day as my boyfriend has gone away for a few days and its the first time we have been apart in AGES. (we used to do long distance but now we are always together its got harder again) So i thought i would cheer my self up, i spotted these Candles in a clintons cards shop located in the shopping mall that i work in. 

There is actually a Yankee Candle shop but i noticed these as they where buy one get one half price ! I noticed the big 50% signed and walked straight in ! 

Iv just moved in to my new flat as you may know and i can not resist from buying cute little things to put around my home :) Im deffs turning in to my mum ! thats not a bad thing because she's lovely.
Anyyywayyy i usually just buy the smaller candles priced around £1.99 but i thought why not make the most of the offer plus these will last me quiet a while :) So they where £10 each so i got them both for £15 which i thought was pretttty good. They are such lovely summer fragrances and i have lit each one in turn for the past few days of me having them The names describe their scent perfectly ! so fresh and fruity i loveee them :)

I thought as well i can use the glass they are in as some form of container when they are eventually all used up :). I would Recommend these to any one who loves the fruity sweet scents :) 

What Yankee Candles do you own if any ??


Not your usual Outfit of the day post but hey lets be different ;). 
I was having a bit of a casual chilled day just popping out to shop and not really doing much so scraped my hair back, didn't bother with makeup just the usual moisturiser and threw on my comfy zara jeans with my new Hollister Hoodie that i bought in the sale.. such a bargain at £14 ! and then added my comfy navy converse :) i thought hey i look preppy and cool .. so i thought why not OTTD ;). 

Just a quick post today :)
Planning some exciting new posts at the moment. This month i really want to concentrate on getting my blog to a higher standard so any tips are more than welcome !!
Im loving having a separate blog twitter at the moment as i can chat to all you beautiful bloggy people, and make new friends anddd find out about exciting meet ups ect :)

End of the month Shopping !

So as you can see i did a bit of end of the month shopping :). This included ..
Bag from Zara that was £10 in the sale.. i was going to buy this full price so I'm glad i didn't pay full price ! 

A hoodie from Hollister that was £12.99 in the sale ! i thought this was such a bargain, its super comfy too and i thought it would be perfect to wear at uni on those 'hungover i cba days'  ;)
I bought some lovely undies from LaSenza which was £4 for the pants and £10 for the bra. I only have 3 bras that are actually the correct size for me. Last time i went in to the La Senza shop i decided to be measured for the first time in my life .. I was 2 cup sizes bigger and 1 back size smaller than i has been wearing ! I was so shocked but also happy thinking yayy i have big boobs ;). i am so much more comfortable in these bras so im glad i got measured.. Undies aren't usually something us bloggers share but i wanted to share with you that it is important to be measured properly :) 

Finally i have bought a few makeup bits .. not in the sale.

I got the TopShop blusher in the colour Head over heals which was £10. I need help from you beauty Bloggers as im not sure as to how to actually apply this ?? it doesnt show up well ??

I finally got the Apocolips Luna - £4.99 in tesco of all places, after searching high and low in all the boots stores in Manchester ! 

You cannt really see in the photo but i bought a Lipliner from the collection 2000 Stand in boots i think it was £1.99. This is the first lip liner i have ever bought, i prefer to buy a cheaper product to trial first and if i enjoy using it i will branch out to other brands :)

Finally I picked up another eye shadow from the natural collection in boots that was again £1.99 in the colour milk chocolate ! 

I have also ordered a HUGE E.L.F order taking advantage of their 60% off offer, so that should be here soon so i shall post all about that once it has arrived :) 

Has any once else bought any bargains in the sale ??
And can any one give me any advise on how to apply the TopShop blush ??

Instagram month: July

Getting my hair done ;) // Rollers // Walking to work in the sun // me and my best friend 

Pesto meal for 2 // My cocktails // Excréme Brûlée // Sweet & salty popcorn

Me and my mama at the robbie williams concert :D ! // Me and mum and dad after a night out in manchester // Me and my mum going out shopping // Me and my little Nana :)

Beeeen shopping // My new bed in my new flat // Watching Gok Wan Stripping for summer at media city // Watching 8 out of 10 cats does count down at media city

These are just a few snaps from my instagram over the past month :). I didnt do this post last month (sorrrrry) so i tried to do the '30 day snap' to kind of make up for it but i failed at that too :( wow im rubbish !

A few selfless to start with ;) being so glam with getting my hair done with more blonde high lights. i love that photo of me and my bestfriend ! i hate my side profile but this pic is just so cute !

Food snaps as usual .. What else is instagram for ? loveee that chocolate and popcorn! and that meal in pesto was amazing! i mentioned it in another post below and the My cocktails too.

A few pictures with my family :) i love it when hey come to visit me i always get taken out for a lovely meal and usually end up going shopping with my mum too. We also went to watch Robbie Williams and Olly Murs in concert which was AMAZINGGG ! i loved it possibly the best people i have seen live. 

Anddd a few pics of what i have been up too, Shopping as usual :) my new bedroom in my new flat !! ahh i love it its sooo so cute.. possible post coming soon so the nosey people can have a tour (im nosey too) And then i got the chance to be in the audience of a few shows including Gok wans stripping for summer that was live 3 weeks in a row and then 8 out of 10 cats does countdown thats now showing on friday nights :)

I enjoy looking back over my month, iv actually had a lot of fun. 
Not got a lot of plans for this month yet.. going back home to see my family and friends for a few days soon :) 

What are your plans for the month ? 

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