Want the Look Tigi prize !

I recently entered a want the look competition on Twitter by just simply retweeting a picture on to my feed ! It was to win some Tigi hair products, I have used this brand before and liked it so I just thought why not :)  i didn't really think that much of it until the next morning and they had contacted me to say i had won. 
I could not believe it ! I was soo excited considering i have never really won any thing before!

Last week i received my prize in the post it included:
  • Beach bag
  • Towel
  • Flip-flops
  • Mini hair Straighteners 
  • Catwalk Sessions Salt spray 
  • S factor Papaya Leave in moisture spray 

The bag, towel and flipflops shall come in handy for my holidays.

The straighteners are perfect for me to carry around with me! at the moment im half living at my boyfriends and half at mine and im moving to a new flat so its hard to have all my things in one place! 

I really wanted to try the salt spray so I'm glad im now getting the chance to try it out :) 

Also my mum recommended me to buy some moisture spray as my hair was looking a little dry so I'm glad i get to try that too :) 

The Want the look website has some great bargains so make sure you check it out ! 

Thank you once again for my prize !!


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