Trainers: Why the Hype?

Im sure everyone has noticed there seems to be a lot of people wearing trainers these days ! 
Trainers used to be known as 'chavvy' but it seems most people are now more than likely to own a pair of trainers. Personally i only used to own one pair of high top converse and a pair of asics running trainers. I hardly used to wear my converse, just now and again but i preferred other shoes over them. But since having a job in Puma the sports wear shop i have a new found love for trainers ! mainly as i can get them cheap with discount ;) but also i discovered the comfort ! 
I now own:
5 pairs of puma trainers(with another pair waiting for me to buy)
3 pairs of converse
2 pairs of Toms (if you can class them)
i still have my Asics 
and a pair of addidas sambas 

so in total 12 pairs .. er i think thats is quiet enough.

A few of my collection ;)! 

They are quiet easy to style with different outfits to create a sort of casual look. 
I wear my white converse with practically everything ! 
You can wear them with pretty day summer dresses or denim shorts and crop tops! i have even worn My trainers on a night out 
(It is acceptable in some clubs in manchester !!) 

Top River island // Skirt TopShop // Bag miss Selfridge // Trainers  Converse 
Dress Miss Selfridge // Bag Mui mui // Trainers Puma Suede 

Outfits created on polyvore !

So wouldn't you rather be comfortable in your trainers rather than getting blisters in your sandals !
Not saying i would EVERR give up wearing my heals or wedges or sandals or any other shoes !! 

How do you style yours ??


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