Mini Boots Haul

Taking full advantage on Boots 2 for 1 deals i decided i would pick up a few everyday essentials ! 

Firstly i needed a new hair brush as mine where horrible and old and just wasn't doing any thing for my hair, so i decided to have a shop around and get a new one. I was quiet interested in a tangle teaser but after reading Sofia's review on her blog HERE i changed my mind and went with this Denman one instead. My mum used to be a hair dresser and said this one is probably the best brand so i went with that :) 

The clean and clear face washes where two for £5 so i picked up two of those. I have quiet sensitive skin and iv found this brand works pretty well for me. 

I also  got Mabaline dream satin liquid foundation and the dream sun bronzer. 
I always use this foundation, more to just top up my other foundation as it is great coverage, i also use it on nights out as it doesn't come off ! I needed an every day bronzer instead of wasting my MAC one so i picked up this but I'm not overrrly keen on it but its okay to use everyday for at work. 

i bought my favourite basic makeup which is the natural collection powder and concealer. again what i use everyday for work for just a natural coverage ! 

I also got the Barry M high shine polish in Mango ! which i a gorgous summer colour, i love it :)

Just a few items :)

Look out for my Blog sale coming Soon !!! 


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