Another Barry M Jelly Hi-shine colour :) 
I love this one as the more coats you add the brighter the colour so you can keep it quiet neutral if you like ! For once i have all my nails one colour ! I rarely do just because i can just simply never choose one colour ! I think this one is my favourite at the moment.  

When i have my nails painted i don't bite them (bad habit) so I'm trying to keep repainting straight away. I don't actually like long nails though! i don't think they look particularly nice.. just my opinion. My mum has long nails and always tells me to grow mine, but i like the length tbh. 

What are your thought on this ? 

Again hi new followers :) it really does mean so much that people follow me ! and some of my favourite bloggers too. 

The trainer collection update ;)

I thought I would just update you with yet another pair of puma trainers I have got from work :). They a cute little satin purple pump with satin laces ! They aren't as comfy as the other that I have but I just like the colour and only cost £17.50 so pretty much a bargain if you ask me !! 

I think they would look good with a summer dress or maybe denim shorts and a white lace top, Summmery ;) 

Any way just a quick post today :D. 

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Wearing: MAC Viva glam Niki lipstick
Selfridges - £14

Topshop Dress - Sale £10 // No longer available 

Frilly socks // Topshop £3.50 
Converse // Next £47

Meal at Pesto // Trafford centre 


So i asked my boyfriend to take a photo of me so you can see my whole outfit. it was dark outside but i guess he would have the sense to use the flash .. NO obviously not ! haha, i thought i would include it any way as i wont be asking him again lol. 
We went for a mid week meal out at the Trafford centre. mainly as we couldn't be bothered to cook!After walk round the food hall a few times we decided to try Pesto as we hadn't been before. We both really enjoyed it as you get to choose a few smaller dishes rather than just one big one. we choose 3 dishes and then a board with meats,cheese,bread ect. It was fairly priced and we both loved it :) i would recommend to any of you if you enjoy Italian style food :).

Hope everyone is well today :) 
Hello new followers! It means a lot that people take the time to read what i post. I feel like i'm actually getting some where with my little blog these days ! 

Lots of Love ox. 

New Beauty buys

Clinique Anti-Blemish solutions 3 step // £30 Selfridges 

 Clinique Free testers ! 
Lipstick and Mascara 

Soap and glory - Boots // 3 for 2
Glad hair day shampoo and conditioner // £5.50 each 
Sugar crush body wash // £6.50
Glad hair day intense conditioner // £1.53 ...(bargain)

Boots // Nail polish remover // £1 
Maybelline // Colossal volume express mascara // £7

Here is a few beauty bits I picked up from selfridges and boots.

I decided i needed some decent skincare so i decided on Clinique as a brand as i have read some good things about it. I will review this in detail after using this for a few days as it may take a few days to start working :)
I also got some freebies whilst i was there ! including a gorgeous colour of lipstick and cute size mascara which i think is a good little travel size so handy to have !

I needed a new body wash to replace my nearly empty one so i just bought the exact same again soap and glory sugar crush that smells so gooood ! and of course i had to take advantage of the 3 for 2 so i got the S&G shampoo and conditioner too to replace my others when they run out :)
I also spotted a complete BARGAIN that was the intense conditioner that was £1.43 reduced from the usual £5.50 price. i wasn't sure this would be true so i scanned it first at the self serve to check. i bought this separately to make the most of my free for two and get the £5.50 product free instead !!
Shopping savvy ;)

Whilst in boots my mum recommend me this mascara and as i needed a new one i thought why not  as mine is on the edge of running out :)
Also picked up the boots own nail polish remover as it was only £1 :)

So yeah just a few bargains mainly just replacements !!

What have you been picking up lately ?
Look out for my Clinique review too !!

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Trainers: Why the Hype?

Im sure everyone has noticed there seems to be a lot of people wearing trainers these days ! 
Trainers used to be known as 'chavvy' but it seems most people are now more than likely to own a pair of trainers. Personally i only used to own one pair of high top converse and a pair of asics running trainers. I hardly used to wear my converse, just now and again but i preferred other shoes over them. But since having a job in Puma the sports wear shop i have a new found love for trainers ! mainly as i can get them cheap with discount ;) but also i discovered the comfort ! 
I now own:
5 pairs of puma trainers(with another pair waiting for me to buy)
3 pairs of converse
2 pairs of Toms (if you can class them)
i still have my Asics 
and a pair of addidas sambas 

so in total 12 pairs .. er i think thats is quiet enough.

A few of my collection ;)! 

They are quiet easy to style with different outfits to create a sort of casual look. 
I wear my white converse with practically everything ! 
You can wear them with pretty day summer dresses or denim shorts and crop tops! i have even worn My trainers on a night out 
(It is acceptable in some clubs in manchester !!) 

Top River island // Skirt TopShop // Bag miss Selfridge // Trainers  Converse 
Dress Miss Selfridge // Bag Mui mui // Trainers Puma Suede 

Outfits created on polyvore !

So wouldn't you rather be comfortable in your trainers rather than getting blisters in your sandals !
Not saying i would EVERR give up wearing my heals or wedges or sandals or any other shoes !! 

How do you style yours ??

Liebster Award ..

Definition of Liebster.

sweetheart, beloved person, darling.

"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write random facts about themselves, answer the questions from the award giver, and then nominate other bloggers and make up questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow."

I have been nominated for my first Liebster award by Heather 

10 Random Facts.

(i already did a random facts post so some may be already on there as i can't really think of that many things about me)

I speak to my mum on the phone about 3 times a day ! 

I am currently living my my boyfriends 2 bedroom flat with him and to others (cramped!)

All my life i wanted to do Fashion design until i went to London college of Fashion and decided it wasnt for me..

My dads best friend at School was Mark Hill .. The famous Hair dresser.

Im not entirely sure what my natural hair colour is as i have been dyeing it since i was about 10.

Some of my family live in South Africa so i get to visit quiet often and i loveee it. 

I got a 1st in my first year of uni :D woo woooo. 

 I used to work down the famous London street .. Portobello road in a fashion boutique. 

Last week i was in the audience of 8 out of 10 cats does countdown and Gok wans stripping for summer ! 

It is my mission this year to go to a Blogger meet up as i have already missed two chances :( !!

My Questions from Heather.. 

What made you start blogging?
I wanted a place to collect all my thoughts and ideas at first so it was mainly a personal thing but as i got more in to it i realised i wanted to share these with others :)

Where can you see your blog in a years time?
Probably the same as it is now just plodding along :) i don't really have regular posts as I'm not ver organised with it ! I think that will be my plan to work towards though!

Your favourite makeup brand?
Oooh my favourite is Dior but its not always affordable for me, i like the natural collection from boots and MAC too. 
What's your dream job?
To work a head marketer for a n international fashion company ! 
Or i would love to be a ski instructor .. (RANDOM)

Your favourite thing about blogging?
connecting with other people, making friends ! and learning new things.

Name your top 2 shopping websites?
Im not a big online shopper to be honest but i am a bit of an ebay addict ! 

Do you plan your posts and let us in on what will be in your next post?
Not really I usually have an idea of what my next one will be about but i think i will make it my mission to plan and be organised

If you had a super power, what would it be?
i think this is a hard question !! im not really sure. 

Your favourite Blog?
Oooh i do have quiet a few to be honest. i likeee..

Whats the best advice you've been given?
Im not really sure to be honest. iv always been told by my parent to do what i love and follow my dreams and just work hard for it. i really admire my dad as he has built up his own business and i wish to be successful like him. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
oooh i have so so many.. 
Dipping Mcdonalds chips in a Mcflurry .. NOT NORMAL.

My Questions for my Nominees ..

Why did you start your blog?

Whats your favourite thing to blog about? 

What are you loving at the moment (item/product)?

Does any of your family read your blog or is it a bit secret? 

Who are your influences?

What advice would you give to a new blogger? 

If you could own any designer item what would it be, and why?

Do you have a set time as to when you blog? 

Would Love to know your answers so make sure you leave me the link to them :) 

Mini Boots Haul

Taking full advantage on Boots 2 for 1 deals i decided i would pick up a few everyday essentials ! 

Firstly i needed a new hair brush as mine where horrible and old and just wasn't doing any thing for my hair, so i decided to have a shop around and get a new one. I was quiet interested in a tangle teaser but after reading Sofia's review on her blog HERE i changed my mind and went with this Denman one instead. My mum used to be a hair dresser and said this one is probably the best brand so i went with that :) 

The clean and clear face washes where two for £5 so i picked up two of those. I have quiet sensitive skin and iv found this brand works pretty well for me. 

I also  got Mabaline dream satin liquid foundation and the dream sun bronzer. 
I always use this foundation, more to just top up my other foundation as it is great coverage, i also use it on nights out as it doesn't come off ! I needed an every day bronzer instead of wasting my MAC one so i picked up this but I'm not overrrly keen on it but its okay to use everyday for at work. 

i bought my favourite basic makeup which is the natural collection powder and concealer. again what i use everyday for work for just a natural coverage ! 

I also got the Barry M high shine polish in Mango ! which i a gorgous summer colour, i love it :)

Just a few items :)

Look out for my Blog sale coming Soon !!! 

Viva Glam Nicki : MAC Lipstick

I recently bought my first MAC lipstick
I choose Viva Glam Niki £14.00, my friend has this and tried hers out and Loveddd it :) 
wasn't planning on buying it but i got sucked in whilst in Selfridges so i just went for it ! 
I love how it looks when i have it on, sorry i haven't got a photo of that! i haven't had an opportunity to take a pic when i have had it on yet. But i will get one next time and upload to Instagram :) 
I didn't feel too guilty buying this as it was a charity lipstick ;) 

What would any one reccomend me to buy for my 2nd Mac lipstick ??

Want the Look Tigi prize !

I recently entered a want the look competition on Twitter by just simply retweeting a picture on to my feed ! It was to win some Tigi hair products, I have used this brand before and liked it so I just thought why not :)  i didn't really think that much of it until the next morning and they had contacted me to say i had won. 
I could not believe it ! I was soo excited considering i have never really won any thing before!

Last week i received my prize in the post it included:
  • Beach bag
  • Towel
  • Flip-flops
  • Mini hair Straighteners 
  • Catwalk Sessions Salt spray 
  • S factor Papaya Leave in moisture spray 

The bag, towel and flipflops shall come in handy for my holidays.

The straighteners are perfect for me to carry around with me! at the moment im half living at my boyfriends and half at mine and im moving to a new flat so its hard to have all my things in one place! 

I really wanted to try the salt spray so I'm glad im now getting the chance to try it out :) 

Also my mum recommended me to buy some moisture spray as my hair was looking a little dry so I'm glad i get to try that too :) 

The Want the look website has some great bargains so make sure you check it out ! 

Thank you once again for my prize !!

My Cocktail

**Oooh Exciting package in the post **

I was contacted by My cocktail, a Manchester based drinks company and they asked if i wished to sample some of their cocktails. & of course being the cocktail lover that i am i gratefully/excitedly accepted :). 
They sent me  two flavours from the ready mixed range, including Lime MarGOrita and  Strawberry DaiqGOri
You can either freeze them or just have them chilled in the fridge.
I just put them in the fridge cause i  didn't have an actual 'planned occasion' when i could drink them so i just thought i would have one when i fancied :) 
Me and my flatmates decided to have a pizza, drinks & Band Hero night so i thought greattt, perfect time to try them :) 

I started with the Lime MarGOrita and I LOVEDDDD it ! I always choose Lime flavoured cocktails as i am a massive fan of the Mojito, so naturally i like this drink! My friend had the strawberry DaiqGOri one, I don't really like strawberry drinks but i still tried a bit of hers and it was nice, but she really loved it. 
We decided we would buy these, perfect to take to festivals or just to take to friends 'pre drinks'.

Thank you My cocktail for giving me the opportunity to try these!
You have won me over :P

Has any one else tried these drinks? 
Or any of the other My cocktails?

P.s - PLEASE excuse the awful photo of me :| was having a no makeup day !