I thought i would do a little post about my 3 little tattoos :)

I LOVE tattoos and im always interested in to why people have them, if they hurt and what the mean! If i wasnt such a baby i would have millions of tattoos but i can not handle the pain ! Plus i am very particular on which part of my body i would like them ! 

So here are my 3, (not great photos i know)
My first is  my 4 stars, i got this when i was 16 (i know not the right age but my mumma let me haha) i got this after i had been on holiday with my family and me and my brother got those Henna tattoos done that stay on for a few weeks. I got the 4 stars with a few little stars around and i LOVED it ! I obbsessed about it for agesss and begged and begged to be able to get it done for real. I even had a photo of it that i kept in my purse! Fnally about a year later my mum took me and i got the 4 star outlined on my right foot, i thought it was sooooo much pain i could not stop shaking and my mum had to hold my foot still. You may be able to see it is a little wonky haha. I went back about a month later to get two of them coloured as that is how i originally wanted it but i ended up not getting the other little stars around it. which now im glad cause i like it just how it is ;) 

Number two i got in 2012 when i was 19  'Mi vida Loca' which translates to My life is crazy in spanish. I really can not remember how this came about but i just loved the phrase and always wanted it tattooed on me as a little reminder of the crazy times in life. I was going through a crazy stage of living in London and being busy every day and LOVING it. Also i loved that it was Spanish as me and my family go to spain every year so i liked the connection with that :)  anddd i just felt it was right for the moment, my boyfriend went with me to get it done on my Right hip and once again i thought it was a lot of pain but not as bad :) it is a bit of a hidden one and only get seen if i am in a bikini but i still love it and it makes me smile and think i always want my life to be crazyyyy. 

Finally my infinity symbol on my left ankle (facing out) i got this only a few weeks ago 2013 at the age of 20 :) this one i got in Manchester and the others i got back home in Hull so i was bit scared going some where new but i just needed it ! I loveee this symbol i think i obsess on it a little.. I love the whole meaning of infinity and a infinite life. Over the past few months a lot happened i broke up with my boyfriend and i just went a little but crazy .. i just went through a time of being so upset and not going out and not enjoying myself so i flipped it all round and went out and partied all the time and did things i normally wouldnt and just generally had a great time and did not take life too seriously at all. 
I wanted a little something to remind me that you do only live once and you need to enjoy life and live it to the max and don't say no to any oppertunity that comes along ! So i got this little symbol and i LOVE it. It wasnt to bad pain wise but the guy who tattooed me was so nice and chatty so it was all good :) . I am back with my boyfriend now but i think iv changed in the past month and i want to stay this way ! 

Im not planning any more tattoos as of yet but me and the boyf think it would be great to get something matching like a little symbol;) 
one thing i have learnt recently as yes you might regret something in 10 years time but its how you feel in the moment that is really important and you should just ejoy your life while you can ! no matter what crazy thing you get up to or get tattooed on you ;). 

Who else has tattoos ? Tell me about them :D !! 


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