Instagram month: May

Oreo brownie YUMMY // My Lunch on the train // Kelseys princess birthday cake // My coke ! 

Me and Lucy Lowe in Liverpool // Me and Kelsey Verrry drunk // On route to Alton Towers with Beth and Alex // Me and Darren before our night out 

NOOTD // New Adidas Sambas // Lovely smelling candle // Royal Armouries Elephant in Leeds 

BBQ timeee // Patisserie Valerie cakes WOW // Over the rainbow cocktails in keke moku // GBK burger ! 

So heres my Instagram month (a few days late) iv been rubbish at blogging recently but iv had a lot going onnn !

This month i have been:
 to Liverpool to see Kelsey for her Birthday.
Leeds with my boyfriend.
Alton towers with the uni girls.
My friend from London visited me for a day :)

and i have started working full time to save up pennies for my holidays (saving is not going well !) Iv not bought a lot this month really only my BEAUT new trainers that where an impulse buy in Leeds! They aren't Puma for a change too ;). 
Hope every one has has a good month ! 

Lots of Love ox. 


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