Review: Dainty Doll.

"Dainty Doll is developed especially to enhance the beauty of fairer skin tones. Created using the finest quality, skin-loving formulas to help cover, perfect and care for your skin, The Dainty Doll range makes it much easier for those with paler skin tones to achieve the ideal shade every time"

I bought these two products as i have seen previous reviews of them and they seem to be quiet popular amongst beauty bloggers, so i thought why not give them a try when i spotted them on a makeup stand within a shopping centre and they was priced so cheaply. I think i got them for £1.99 each. 

Firstly i loved the packaging of the little boxes and the casing on the lipstick but the product itself i am not so amazed with. 
Slightly disappointing as i thought they would be good considering how many people have raved about them. I do think though that as they are made for lighter skin tones that is why they don't work well for me :(. i dont mind too much though as i will probably still use them now and again when I'm feeling... pale

What do you think about these products? 


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