(mini) Haul #3

Purple hair Dye// Afleks palace (manchester) // £4

Natural Collection eye shadow // Boots // £2 

Gillette Venus & Olay razor // Boots // £10 

This is a bit of a random mini haul that i forgot to post a few weeks ago but i thought i may as well throw it in :).

 I popped in to town with my friend the other week mainly because i fancied a walk around Afleks palace, Which for thoose who dont know is a building within Manchester's northen quarter that sells all things: vintage, emo, funky, crazzzyy, colourful, wild and wacky !! 

Its great for picking up interesting items be that clothes, accessories makeup or Hairdye which was my main reason for the visit :) 
I recently have had dipdyed pink hair and i fancied a change so i bought purple ! and i LOVE it been re-doing it the past few weeks now :) 

I also popped to Boots as i can never resist, i picked up two Barry M nail polishes, i did need the top/bottom coat and this colour just appealed to me too :) 

I got the  Natural collection shadow cause i felt it was a bit different to any thing i already have and it was only a cheapy so i thought why not! 
Last of all i bought the Razor mainly as it was on offer that if you bought the actual razor you got the pack of 3 refills for 3 which would normally be priced at £10 so i grabbed that too :). 

Soo yea a bit random but hey why not :) 


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