Review: Dior Extase Mascara


Hi there, just realised i had this draft just sitting amongst my posts so i thought i best post it :).
Slightly busy at the moment due to working a bit more, exam revision and up and coming projects but i still hope to post as often as i can :).

Anyyy wayyy on to the beautifull Mascara i bought at the beginning of the month. I went in to Selfridges just wanting something new from the beauty section, thinking it would be MAC but the mac counter was really busy so i thought i'd look around at the other sections first! and i thought about what i actually NEED. I currently own two Rimmel mascaras that are coming close to the end so i thought why not get a new one. i have been told that the MAC mascara is rubbish ?? so i thought i best look else where.

I was very much drawn in to Dior by one of the lovely ladies saying..
 'heyyy do you want to try this new amazing lipgloss' 
and im usually a no thanks kind of girl but i felt spontaneous and said yeaaa. So i did try a  beautiful new lipgloss but i didnt really neeeed it so i asked about the mascaras instead and she suggested this one after i said i like something dark and what makes my lashes look longer :). 

This one certainly does, not crazily longer but as much as they are going to go (i have short lashes). i like the way it is easily applied and only needs one quick coat. 

I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a high end product. I made my mum buy it whilst on a shopping trip with her :P. But i wouldnt wear it every day as i like to save my expensive products for 'best'

I love the bags they put your'e products in and they usually pop a little sample in too (i got perfume). 

Review: Rimmel eye brow pencil

I sadly ran out of my MAC eye brow pencil (devastated) and i didn't really know what to do with my self as it was the only one i had ever bought and i wasn't really sure what classed as a good one.. 
i wanted to re-buy the MAC one but i thought why not try out a cheaper one too so that i can possibly use a cheaper one for everyday (work etc) and then a nicer one for nights out ect. 

I feel it was harder deciding on a shade when there is no one to match it up perfectly for you but i thought id try this one out as it only cost £2.99 and you get the small eyebrow brush on the lid that is actually quiet handy

The shade matches me quiet well but i do feel its a bit scary when i first put it on along with my makeup but once my hair is done and im all ready it looks natural.
I glad i bought a pencil you have to sharpen rather than a twist one like the MAC one, as i now know how much i have left to use and obviously it lasts for a Long time ! 

The pencil goes on really well and i usually use the little brush before and after application or use one of my own bigger brushes. 

Im considering now buying a different branded high end brow pencil that i can sharpen so i will have a little shop around for that.. Any recommendations would be good :)

I would deffinately recommend this product as its great for everyday  and cheap from a local drugstore too :)

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Haul #5

Skirt //River Island // Sale- £10

Summer Jacket // GAP // £17

Perfume // Alien Thierry Mugler // Aprox. £40 
(unsure as it was gift) 

Trainers // Puma // £13.50 

 Trainers // Puma // £18 

Hey guys, so i have been shopping once again so this is a collective haul over the past two weeks as i went back home and went shopping with my mum :). 
I no doubt i will post another haul soon as she is coming to visit me in Manchester at the end of the week and she is such a bad influence on me encouraging me to spend !! 

Sooo i have bought, two items from River island.. not really sure why i like it there so much lately :S. i picked up the orangey/red coloured skirt for £10 in the sale. it looks quiet cute with the black and white spotty top i own ! I also got the denim pinafore that goes great with shirts underneath :) 

I also popped to Matalan, not some where i often go but i have my car back at home and i wanted to take my mum for a drive :D (first time since i passed my test, she was really scared)
I have seen in a few magazines lately Matalan keep popping up with some cute things so we thought why not have  a look. i ended up with theee cutest gingham trousers that where £12 ! such a bargain my new faves and some black ankle boots £22. im not crazzzyy on them but i think its cause I'm not used to them as i have nothing similar. any way worth a try seen as though they where cheapppy. 
I also picked up a few 'house hold' bits a bobs :) 

Another place i hardly ever go to is GAP but me and mother thought why not just pop in whilst we are here. Gap has the craziest sale discounts it was like the sale then a further 30% or 50% ?? do they make any profit? any way veryyy beneficial too me as i ended up with this bright yellow jacket for about £17 with all the extra discounting ! BARGAINN :) i soo love it <3 

I got a few random Soap and Glory things to try out as i LOVE S&G and not tried the Glow lotions before.. and the hand food and body mist i wanted in the full size as i only had the smaller ones. 

Thierry Mugler Alien is my all time favourite perfume and as my family went on a skiing holiday without me they thought it best they bring me back a little present so i received this :D HAPPPPY 

FINALLLLY.. i have just recieved my uniform allowance from work so i thought id share the two pairs of trainers i bought. (i was going to post all my uniform but its only boring joggers and hoodies :/..) if you have seen a previous haul of mine i bought a pair of trainers similar to the last pair in white but i loved the pink colour so i just thought whyyy not they are cheap enough and girly so i can TRY and look cute at work :) 

Soooo yeaa that's everything.. i promised myself i wouldnt type much .. Ooops? 
I have tried my best to link sites :)

Review: Dainty Doll.

"Dainty Doll is developed especially to enhance the beauty of fairer skin tones. Created using the finest quality, skin-loving formulas to help cover, perfect and care for your skin, The Dainty Doll range makes it much easier for those with paler skin tones to achieve the ideal shade every time"

I bought these two products as i have seen previous reviews of them and they seem to be quiet popular amongst beauty bloggers, so i thought why not give them a try when i spotted them on a makeup stand within a shopping centre and they was priced so cheaply. I think i got them for £1.99 each. 

Firstly i loved the packaging of the little boxes and the casing on the lipstick but the product itself i am not so amazed with. 
Slightly disappointing as i thought they would be good considering how many people have raved about them. I do think though that as they are made for lighter skin tones that is why they don't work well for me :(. i dont mind too much though as i will probably still use them now and again when I'm feeling... pale

What do you think about these products? 

Another haul #4

Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts // Lipstick // Eye shadow primer 

Zara // Jeans // £19.99

Yay i got paid from work so straight out to treat my little self.

I have seen a few reviews of dainty doll makeup which has mainly been a positive response so i decided to pick some up to try out ! I bought eye shadow primer and a lipstick I'm sure they where fairly cheap about £1.99 each? any way going to test them out and post a review soon. 

I also picked up Jeans from Zara, some where i usually do not shop but they where a bargain and i lovee the colour. 
Playsuit from River Island i originally planned on wearing it on a night out but changed my mind to something else so I'm still yet to wear it ! 

Any finally Dior Extase mascara :D wowww my first ever Dior product really excited to use it. i decided that once a month i must buy something a bit more high end that i wouldn't usually spend that amount of money on so i went for this ! I originally wanted something new from Mac but i just thought why not try something new :) i will review this soon tooo. 

Blog && Vlogs

I thought i would  do a little post on my favourite blogs and youtubers of the moment sooo here they are: 

lets start with my new obsession with youtubers !
 I have spent quiet a few hours just watching a few peoples channels and i have got so wrapped up within it that i have kind of forgot to blog (sorry) but it has given me inspiration and made me want to blog more ! So my top three of the moment are...

&& Blogs.. 

Alsooo my good friend Anna :) makebelieveballroom-xo

Im sure most bloggers will have heard of these girls .. but if not i recommend to check them out ! 
Also please feel free to comment with your faves so i can check them out or leave your links :)

Marc Jacobs | Diet Coke Bottles 2013

Ahhh finally a few new ones to add to my collection <3 
if you have read my blog before you would know that i have a little obsession with these diet coke bottles ! I truly love them I think they are so so cute, on the day these was released i had to go buy them for Selfridges .. a bit sad i know but I just can not resist <3 

Marc Jacobs I love you !

Does any one else collect these ? 
or any thing exciting ?? 

Instagram month: March

Me Kelsey and Dill // Me and Kelsey // Me and my mumma // Me and Robynne 

Pret for lunch // Chocolate from Jack my flatmate // Salted caramel ice-cream WOW // New marc Jacobs diet coke bottles 

Just a few night out pictures and food of course :) 
I have LOVED March i think it has been my best month at uni so far ! been on far too many nights out but whyyy not ! 
Also got some grades back: First, 2.1 and 2.1 (yay yay yay)

(mini) Haul #3

Purple hair Dye// Afleks palace (manchester) // £4

Natural Collection eye shadow // Boots // £2 

Gillette Venus & Olay razor // Boots // £10 

This is a bit of a random mini haul that i forgot to post a few weeks ago but i thought i may as well throw it in :).

 I popped in to town with my friend the other week mainly because i fancied a walk around Afleks palace, Which for thoose who dont know is a building within Manchester's northen quarter that sells all things: vintage, emo, funky, crazzzyy, colourful, wild and wacky !! 

Its great for picking up interesting items be that clothes, accessories makeup or Hairdye which was my main reason for the visit :) 
I recently have had dipdyed pink hair and i fancied a change so i bought purple ! and i LOVE it been re-doing it the past few weeks now :) 

I also popped to Boots as i can never resist, i picked up two Barry M nail polishes, i did need the top/bottom coat and this colour just appealed to me too :) 

I got the  Natural collection shadow cause i felt it was a bit different to any thing i already have and it was only a cheapy so i thought why not! 
Last of all i bought the Razor mainly as it was on offer that if you bought the actual razor you got the pack of 3 refills for 3 which would normally be priced at £10 so i grabbed that too :). 

Soo yea a bit random but hey why not :)