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Benefit Radiant skin care miniature collection
You can find all the full size range Here

I Decided to buy this miniatures set as i had a few spare euros left after paris so when on the crossing back to the UK i had a look around the duty free and decided i would grab this :) it cost me £8 due to the duty free but i am unable to find the RRP, however all the prices of the full-size items are online. 

i like miniatures//samples as you are able to try each item before committing to the full size and price. And as i am trying to put more effort and time in to my skincare lately i thought why not give these ago. I have never used any of the benefit skin care before but i must say i am really glad i have had a chance to sample these :). 

Included in the collection is: 
Foamingly clean facial wash
Moisture prep toning lotion 
Triple performing facial emulsion 
Refined finish facial polish 
Total Moisture facial cream
its potent eye cream 

My favourites are the Facial cream and Eye cream, i have been using them each morning and my face still feels really soft and the end of the day :) 
I also love the Foamingly clean wash which feels like silk whilst washing you face ! I LOVE it. 

The other products i do like but due to the price of the full size items i doubt i would be able to afford them all so i would probably just choose my favourites

I do really love the way my skin is feeling lately so i want to carry on using the products. I think both the creams will last me a little while to be honest because its quiet a 'big miniature'

Does any one else own any of these products ?
Whats your favourite?


  1. The only one I really want is the face emulsion! They lady at the Benefit counter tried it on me while I was having a make over :)

    Great review though!

    Amy x

    1. Im not so sure about it.. i do like it but when should i actually use it? before my makeup? and then creme on top then primer ? it feel like sooo much stuff lol.
      Thanks for the comment though :) xx


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