Haul #2

Primark // Puma // Topshop via Selfridges 
 Puma trainers // Faas 200 Bio-ride // £27.50
Primark socks // Grey && Pink - £1.50 // burgandy 50p
Primark jewellery // Necklace - £2 // earrings £1.50
Primark // Bun ring - £1.50

Primark // 'Creeper' shoes // £12

Primark // Dress - £5

Primark // Dress £5

Topshop At Selfridges // Dress £20

I went on a mini shopping trip this weekend as my family came to visit me down in Manchester :) 
I firstly i got my new shoes from my work to wear at work ! they are sooo comfy cause of the material they are made from. its like a memory foam sole, perf for long days at work. 

Then i bought loadssss from primark for a change as i usually just come out with 1 or 2 things but this time i did pretty well ! im especially happy with my £5 dresses and my cute socks :) i am slightly disappointed with the shoes as they are little bit too big but the size smaller was too tight :/. 

and finally went to the Topshop within Selfridges and picked up this dress, my mum made me buy it cause she said it looks really nice on but im still not 100% on it ! 
What does everyone think ??

P.s Hi new followers <3 
Also thanks for all the comments recently. 



  1. really cool haul, I love the blue dress, it is my favorite!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Thank youuu :) I'm not crazy keen on it but im sure i shall wear it soon :P !


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