Leeds, Haul + #OOTD2

Pound world - Sweets, travel plug and cotton wool pads - All £1 each // 

We had milkshakes // Cocktails in harvey Nichols // Yo sushi

My Second #OOTD 

Yesterday me and my friend from back home in Hull decided to meet up for the day in Leeds for some shopping, drinks, food and a general catch up

We loved the new Leeds Trinity Topshop and ended up buying our first purchases in there, my top, socks and necklace! i didn't actually spend that much cause they where all fairly cheap.

 I then went on to buy my pound land bargains.. not a place i tend to shop in but my mum said i would be able to find a travel plug there for Paris! which i did and its PINK !! amazingggg. i also picked up the sweets for the journey and the cotton wool padds as i needed them.

I bought my travel boots minis cause 1. they are cute and 2. thats all i really need for 2 nights in Paris. i used my boots points to buy them as well so even more of a bargain.

After a few drinks  went on to buy my Mac primer, which i have been debating about for a while but i thought whyyy not i might as well try it out

Finally i bought the skirt from River island, it was such a last minute buy as the shops where closing in two minutes but i have previously seen it and liked it, and i wanted it even more so to match the new Topshop spotty top :D !so it worked out perfect. 

After even more drinks and some yummy Yo Sushi we headed home (after getting lost trying to find the station) it was such a fun day catching up with my bestie and i have some great new purchases. 
im thinking the new skirt and top combo for paris ?? 

Ahhhh 2 more sleeps and i'm there !! #PFW <3  

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  1. Ohhh the polka dot top is larrrvely! So jealous of those cocktails too



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