Get to know me ;) 35 facts.

Yeahhh ok everyone is doing this so im being a copy cat :D 
its fun reading everyone elses random facts so heres mineee !

1. Im originally from a place called Hull in Yorkshire but now i live in Manchester. Woo 

2. I studied at the London college of fashion last year doing a foundation degree in fashion. 

3. I have had a car for over two years and been having driving lessons but still have not passed my test ! (booked it for soon though :P hopefully will pass first time) 

4. I LOVE skiing and plan on working within a ski resort for while once i finish my degree. 

5. im studying International Fashion Marketing at the mo. and hope to go on to study a Masters in Fashion History and Theory 

6. I am convinced i was a punk in another life ;) (such a love for tartan and spikes)

7. I am unable to leave a Vivienne Westwood store without buying anything :| .. avoiding the shop while im poor ;) 

8. My favourite film is confessions of a shopaholic <3 .. and sex and the city !! 

9. I have such a random music taste. i love indie, rock, rnb, chart dance, house EVERYTHINGGG. 

10. I met my boyfriend in Austria whilst on a skiing trip with our school, he is a few school years ahead,  and we have been together since (4 years <3) 

11. I have a Jet skii :D and i loveeee all types of water sports. 

12. I such a nerd at heart, i love uni and doing work! im bored without it. i want to stay in education forever. 

13. I have been to South Africa 4 times and Kenya and Mozambique because my family live there ! 

14. I am in Love with Olly Murs i know im going to marry him .. although he doesnt know this yet ;)

14. When i was younger i wanted to be a palaeontologist ! (not because of ross from friends) 

15. One of my middle names is Freda, because thats my nanas name ;) <3 my other one is Jayne :)

16. My parents named me Alexandra but NEVER call me it .. Just Alex. 

17. I Love Loveheart sweets <3 they are my absolute fave !

18. Me and my Mum email more then we text, and we talk on the phone at least twice a day.

19. All my textile/fashion teachers have always said i should design sports wear :|

20. I always wanted to do fashion design but my last year in London changed my mind so i had to cancel all my uni choices and change to Fashion marketing ;D (which i love).

21. I am thee most accident prone person ever! I had to go to A&E my first week at uni !

22. if i could only shop in one place for the rest of my life i would pick Selfridges.. because im greedy and clever :P 

23. My dad always gives in if i nag him for something enough. Daddys little girl :P 

24. My favourite artist is Damien Hirst even though i don't feel like his work should be named Art.. more like interesting visual pieces :D 

25. i work in a sports wear shop .. everyone seems to be surprised by that ;)

26. i have being having Highlights in my hair since i was about 9/10 :D

27. im a propa neat freek, i love things being tidy. i do not like mess!!

28. i am horrendously bad at maths and i am still unable to do times tables. (or tell the time)

29. One of my mum and dads best friends is Mark Hill, the famous hair dresser :) and his lovely wife.

30. im not very girly all my friends shout at me for not painting my nails or doing my eyebrows! 

31. I have a gorgeous Boxer dog named Diesel, who always comes and sleeps in my room if I'm home.

32. I used to work in a Boutique down the Famous Portobello Road, London. 

33. i miss living in London more than anything everr. but i love my course in Manchester. 

34. i am unable to throw away old clothes so i have a them stored in boxes in my loft :) 

35. Finallyy.. i have the biggest phobia of mannequins :| .. not good when you want to work in fashion ;). 

Any one else done facts about yourself ? 
Let me know i loveee reading them :D 

Alex ox. 


  1. I like things tidy too great post x

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  2. I might do one of these too, great way to get to know a blogger :)


  3. yeahhh do its good fun thinking off them ;) let me know if you do i shall check it out :D xx


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