Instagram month: February

Häagen-darz On // Chocolate cheesecake from M&S so yum // Pizza after cocktails // early easter egg and spoons ..they are a must have !

Kelsey and me .. Chinese new year // Becky and me cocktails in harvey nicks // All my congrats cards for passing my driving test // Kelseys cartoon drawing of me ! 

Me and Beth night outtt // me and Robynne night outttt // me and my mumma Rollers in pre night out // Night out back home in hull half of me and Emily and Az 

Pancake day // Mini full english // cocktails && milkshakes // Yo sushi 

This is quiet a big Instagram month so i may start doing an Instagram week ;). Mainly food and going out pics to be honest but reallly what else is there to post ?? 

I passed my driving test this month i was soooo happy ! first time and everythinggg with only 3 minors. i should have passed a longggg time ago but didn't get aorund to doing it. 

i have enjoyed spending time with friends this month :) i have had a good giggle. 

truly can not waittttt. im all packed up and ready to go! just need an eary night now. 

P.S Hi new followers :) 


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