Instagram month: February

Häagen-darz On // Chocolate cheesecake from M&S so yum // Pizza after cocktails // early easter egg and spoons ..they are a must have !

Kelsey and me .. Chinese new year // Becky and me cocktails in harvey nicks // All my congrats cards for passing my driving test // Kelseys cartoon drawing of me ! 

Me and Beth night outtt // me and Robynne night outttt // me and my mumma Rollers in pre night out // Night out back home in hull half of me and Emily and Az 

Pancake day // Mini full english // cocktails && milkshakes // Yo sushi 

This is quiet a big Instagram month so i may start doing an Instagram week ;). Mainly food and going out pics to be honest but reallly what else is there to post ?? 

I passed my driving test this month i was soooo happy ! first time and everythinggg with only 3 minors. i should have passed a longggg time ago but didn't get aorund to doing it. 

i have enjoyed spending time with friends this month :) i have had a good giggle. 

truly can not waittttt. im all packed up and ready to go! just need an eary night now. 

P.S Hi new followers :) 

Leeds, Haul + #OOTD2

Pound world - Sweets, travel plug and cotton wool pads - All £1 each // 

We had milkshakes // Cocktails in harvey Nichols // Yo sushi

My Second #OOTD 

Yesterday me and my friend from back home in Hull decided to meet up for the day in Leeds for some shopping, drinks, food and a general catch up

We loved the new Leeds Trinity Topshop and ended up buying our first purchases in there, my top, socks and necklace! i didn't actually spend that much cause they where all fairly cheap.

 I then went on to buy my pound land bargains.. not a place i tend to shop in but my mum said i would be able to find a travel plug there for Paris! which i did and its PINK !! amazingggg. i also picked up the sweets for the journey and the cotton wool padds as i needed them.

I bought my travel boots minis cause 1. they are cute and 2. thats all i really need for 2 nights in Paris. i used my boots points to buy them as well so even more of a bargain.

After a few drinks  went on to buy my Mac primer, which i have been debating about for a while but i thought whyyy not i might as well try it out

Finally i bought the skirt from River island, it was such a last minute buy as the shops where closing in two minutes but i have previously seen it and liked it, and i wanted it even more so to match the new Topshop spotty top :D !so it worked out perfect. 

After even more drinks and some yummy Yo Sushi we headed home (after getting lost trying to find the station) it was such a fun day catching up with my bestie and i have some great new purchases. 
im thinking the new skirt and top combo for paris ?? 

Ahhhh 2 more sleeps and i'm there !! #PFW <3  

Ebay Wishlist #4

Wish list

I Love Ebay so so much .. i just am always adding this in to my 'watch' section ! This one is slightly random.. i just like all these things the most at the moment and im hoping to purchase the bargains
They are all hyperlinked above so feel free to browse :)

To feed my Ebay addiction i have listed some items myself so check them out and take them off my hands ! 
Any questions let me know ! 

Potential #ParisOOTD

#OOTD 1. Jumper - Next //  Leggings- Next // Scarf-Vintage // Necklace-Primark // Shoes- Converse

#OOTD 2. Dress- Topshop // belts- both Primark // Boots- Next // Flat shoes- Topshop 

#OOTD 3. Playsuit- Topshop // belts- both Primark // Boots- Next // Flat shoes- Topshop // Bag- Max C London

#OOTD 4. Black top - Dorothy Perkins // Shirt- Primark // Leggings- Zara // Scarf- Alexander McQueen // Bag- Moschino // Hat- Portobello Rd. Market

So as i have said i am going to Paris for Fashion week :D (one week to go) and i said i would do some form of outfit posts that i am potentially going to take with .. this could all change by next thursday but this will be the basis of what i plan to take, HOWEVERR i am meeting up with my friend in Leeds on monday to do some shopping so there may be a few changes and add ons... i shall more than likely do a Haul .. i hope to spend my pennies that i have been saving. 

Basically i have chosen a comfy outfit to travel in and my other outfits are kind of mix match and could be worn to either fashion week day or maybe on the 'paris bar crawl' we are going on :D :D. 

I am worried about the weather so i will be wearing tights with the dress! i'm not sure on what form of jacket/coat to wear ?!
 I don't want it to kill the outfit .. also fashion week girls ... Heals or no heals ?? will my feet fall off haha ?? i don't want to be stuck wearing them the whole day and be in pain :(.
I need help please :)! 

so help me out if you can.. any advise would be greatttt :D

#OOTD - First one ;)

Shirt - Primark // Scarf - Alexander McQueen //  Hat - Portobello Rd. market //
 Leggings- Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins // Jewellery - Vivienne westwood 

i am slightly scared to do this as im not fan of taking 'self' pics unless im drunk or messing with my friends but i wanted to try and have a go at this cause i love other peoples :) 

Its not a great one to start with as i dont actually have a decent camera to take pics with so i took them with my Mac webcam ;) 
So maybe i shall improve on that if i post one of these again ! 

On a side note:

16 days till Paris !! - can not wait and i'm promising tomorrow shall be Paris outfit orientated.

Today i was '3D body Scanned' at my uni as a part of a research project for average sizes ! it was interesting and good fun actually. and i now have a 3D print out of my body proportions .. (not a nice thing tbh ,, i look lumpy)

I also went along to a placement fair at my uni and spoke to people at, JD sports, JD williams and various 3rd year placement students about their experiences. It was great to hear first hand what they are up to and all talk to potential employers as to what they are interested for potential employees. 

And i got my brand new iPhone 5 today, even though i didn't have the intention of getting a new phone i realised my contract is up next month so i upgraded :)

I wanted to mention as well the competition i entered on: The Love Cats inc. Blog ! Check out her blog to enter.. (and possibly win 1 x urban decay naked basics palette,1 x real techniques core collection brush set,3 x essie polishes in bikini so teeny, orange it's obvious and we're in it together)

Finally..Alexander McQueen died 3 years ago today :( .. such a sad day in any fashion obsessed girls life ! I remember crying when i found out. R.I.P such an inspirational man. 

...So let me know how you feel about my outfit post?
If you entered the Love Cats inc comp. or if your running a comp? 
Do you Love Alexander McQueen?
Or what everr else i have chatted on about today ;)


I am sooooo going to Paris Fashion week with uni at the end of feb :D 
And I'm soooooo Blooming exciiiteddd <3 

so just to get me a little more excited im now counting down the days ! 

18 days to go !! 

i neeed to start outfit planning so if any one has any suggestions please let me know! 

Going to do a little outfit plan tomorrow. 
'Watch this space'

*Not my photo of paris i stole it form google sorry*

Lashes of London Wish List

I was casually browsing though the and came across this competition for the Lashes of London site !

iv been on this site before and it has Amazinglly beautiful stuff ! however my student budget never seems to stretch that far :( 

However by simply creating a wish list just like mine above you can be entered in to the competition to win £200 worth of their clothing !! 
Pretty amazing if you ask me ;). 

Head over to Etailpr site and check it out if you don't fancy it at least follow their blog for other cool things. 

Or just at least check the Lashes of London site :D  (They also have 10% off atm.)

Or follow their pinterest or twitter or Facebook .. Yes im a big fan !!

Competition closes on Monday 18th of Feb so get your entries in ;) 

Also let me know if you enter cause it would be interesting to see what other people are loving !

Fingers crossed. 

Ebay Wishlist #3

1.2. / 3.4.5. / 6.

So just a quick Ebay wish list post for today :) this is a selection of the shoes that are currently in my list. (there is more)

i have chosen these as they are all black and some form of boot. 
My favourite ones at the moment are 1 and 5. 

Im sure i will be purchasing at least one pair :P. they are all evenly priced nothing over £30, i do love a bargain !! 

*(^^ Adding my sign now :D yay. )

Soap and Glory Sit Tight | Review

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE soap and glory products, i think i actually own the full range.. or near enough! one of my favourite products is the sit tight body firming cream or what i like to call my bum cream :P 

Obviously aside from the amazing packaging and exciting slogans that come along with soap and glory's wonderful charm and amazinggnesss .. this cream actually works ! 

You just apply a small amount and rub it in ;) 
sounds a bit starnge rubbing cream on your bum but within a few seconds your bum feels all nice a tingely and feels like its actually working. its best if you sit down for the magic to actually happen. 

If you carry on using it daily or even 2/3 times a week you shall feel the results :D 
I love this product and would give it a 8 out of 10. 
to get a 10 it would need to work instantly for me :P haha and i don't think thats going to happen. 

Love Alex ox. 

Get to know me ;) 35 facts.

Yeahhh ok everyone is doing this so im being a copy cat :D 
its fun reading everyone elses random facts so heres mineee !

1. Im originally from a place called Hull in Yorkshire but now i live in Manchester. Woo 

2. I studied at the London college of fashion last year doing a foundation degree in fashion. 

3. I have had a car for over two years and been having driving lessons but still have not passed my test ! (booked it for soon though :P hopefully will pass first time) 

4. I LOVE skiing and plan on working within a ski resort for while once i finish my degree. 

5. im studying International Fashion Marketing at the mo. and hope to go on to study a Masters in Fashion History and Theory 

6. I am convinced i was a punk in another life ;) (such a love for tartan and spikes)

7. I am unable to leave a Vivienne Westwood store without buying anything :| .. avoiding the shop while im poor ;) 

8. My favourite film is confessions of a shopaholic <3 .. and sex and the city !! 

9. I have such a random music taste. i love indie, rock, rnb, chart dance, house EVERYTHINGGG. 

10. I met my boyfriend in Austria whilst on a skiing trip with our school, he is a few school years ahead,  and we have been together since (4 years <3) 

11. I have a Jet skii :D and i loveeee all types of water sports. 

12. I such a nerd at heart, i love uni and doing work! im bored without it. i want to stay in education forever. 

13. I have been to South Africa 4 times and Kenya and Mozambique because my family live there ! 

14. I am in Love with Olly Murs i know im going to marry him .. although he doesnt know this yet ;)

14. When i was younger i wanted to be a palaeontologist ! (not because of ross from friends) 

15. One of my middle names is Freda, because thats my nanas name ;) <3 my other one is Jayne :)

16. My parents named me Alexandra but NEVER call me it .. Just Alex. 

17. I Love Loveheart sweets <3 they are my absolute fave !

18. Me and my Mum email more then we text, and we talk on the phone at least twice a day.

19. All my textile/fashion teachers have always said i should design sports wear :|

20. I always wanted to do fashion design but my last year in London changed my mind so i had to cancel all my uni choices and change to Fashion marketing ;D (which i love).

21. I am thee most accident prone person ever! I had to go to A&E my first week at uni !

22. if i could only shop in one place for the rest of my life i would pick Selfridges.. because im greedy and clever :P 

23. My dad always gives in if i nag him for something enough. Daddys little girl :P 

24. My favourite artist is Damien Hirst even though i don't feel like his work should be named Art.. more like interesting visual pieces :D 

25. i work in a sports wear shop .. everyone seems to be surprised by that ;)

26. i have being having Highlights in my hair since i was about 9/10 :D

27. im a propa neat freek, i love things being tidy. i do not like mess!!

28. i am horrendously bad at maths and i am still unable to do times tables. (or tell the time)

29. One of my mum and dads best friends is Mark Hill, the famous hair dresser :) and his lovely wife.

30. im not very girly all my friends shout at me for not painting my nails or doing my eyebrows! 

31. I have a gorgeous Boxer dog named Diesel, who always comes and sleeps in my room if I'm home.

32. I used to work in a Boutique down the Famous Portobello Road, London. 

33. i miss living in London more than anything everr. but i love my course in Manchester. 

34. i am unable to throw away old clothes so i have a them stored in boxes in my loft :) 

35. Finallyy.. i have the biggest phobia of mannequins :| .. not good when you want to work in fashion ;). 

Any one else done facts about yourself ? 
Let me know i loveee reading them :D 

Alex ox. 

Instagram month: January

New Things :) 

Cinema date / Skype chats with friends / messing with my brother / dog walks in the snow 

Nights out / 50p shots / Rollers / friends / cocktails  in the hilton 

Finally bought myself a new watch from my birthday money and its Micheal Korrs just the one i wanted :) its perfect! i bought it for £185 so i feel it was quiet reasonable, see the link above.
And i Finally bought myself some Jeffery Campbell shoes which i am in LOVEEE with! i have been on the verge of buying them for sooo long and these beauties where in the sale for just £50 and i had a £40 voucher for office so i was mega happy !! i have hyper linked them above but they are no longer available online.
My boyfriend  bought me the Lady gaga perfume as a Christmas gift but as i was away for christmas i only just got it in January :) i was a bit unsure of it at first cause celeb perfumes are usually a bit naff but this smells BEAUT <3 

My other pics are from nights out and when i went back home to see my family :) The view from the hilton photo was because my friend booked for me as a birthday gift to go there and have cocktails at the cloud 23 bar ! it was amazingggg <3 but dead expensive so we only had one each :P it felt so good walking to the front of the que and going up to the bar in its own private elevator to the top of the hilton! 

Over all quiet a fun month :) 

Love Alex ox.