New year.. New start

So as i said i would post more this year (not done well so far ) but tbf i have only just got back in to my uni routine, as i havnt long been home from holiday ! 

i have a few posts to catch up on as i have many exciting things to post about :D  

I hope everyone has had a nice christmas and a great start to the new year this year has already been great for me and i have exciting things planned :) 

My resolutions are definitely to blog more and try to ensure i keep it up to date and i read up on other peoples. also to keep on top of fashion news ! i tend to do that any way (Vogue news app)
also i want to keep on top of all my uni work and structure my notes to make it easier for revision and finally i need to get healthy ! iv started walking to uni with some friends that is going well so far :) 

Has any one else kept to resolutions so far ? 

Another is to Follow back all followers so please please can i get some followers please :D 

Lots of Love ox. 


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