Mac Make-up

I finally am now a big fan of Mac Makeup ! 
iv always liked it but never really felt brave enough to dive in and be consumed by the beauty of it ! also its slightly pricey ! however when in hethrow airport travelling to south africa i was lucky enough to be able to afford the tax free prices :D 

i bought ...
Studio fix powder plus foundation - NW25
Bronzing powder - Golden 
Eye brows pencil - Fling 

and now.. i am a massive fan ! you can truly tell the quality difference and i highly reccomend the products i have tried and i now plan to save my money and buy each product when my current make up runs out !
i usually use natural collection from boots. its quiet a cheap range but due to my sensitive skin and me being allergic to different brands i tend to stick to it as it works well with my skin  :) 

Who else uses Mac Makeup ?? 
Any one want to recommend any thing for me ?? 

Lots of Love Alex ox. 


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