i am crazy about jewellery, my jewellery box is rammed full of every type of jewellery you could imagine. i do often question as to why i own so much as i usually wear my same every day things but its nice to change now and again and over the years i have to collected it all up and not been able to part with it. My parents tend to buy me a new piece of jewellery from my favourite designer each christmas and Birthday :D 

For my Birthday this year i was given the money to put towards a new watch which I'm hoping to find a bargain in the sales ! 

and for christmas i received a Alexander McQueen necklace and a Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet as you can see from my photos :D i was sooooo happy these where my christmas gifts i never thought i would get two of these things but they where quiet fairly priced The McQueen £40 and the Marc Jacobs £25 quiet bargain fashion piece jewellery. 

My mission now is to find a perfect watch .. i want some thing simple to wear every day nothing too pricey maybe up to about £150 ? 

Any body got any gorgeous Jewellery ?? 
Suggestions for watches for me ??

Alex ox. 


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